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Crossfit Home Gym Package

Crossfit Home Gym Package - $899 USD

Crossfit Home Gym Package - $899 USD

  • 7' Olympic Bar - 45 lbs.
  • 2 each - 25 kg. Plates
  • 2 each - 20 kg. Plates
  • 2 each - 15 kg. Plates
  • 2 each - 10 kg. Plates
  • 20 lb. Kettle Bell
  • 10 lb. Kettle Bell
  • 2 each rings
  • 2 each Straps
  • Jump Rope (not pictured)

Olympic Weightlifting bar - 45 lbs, 7 ft, 28 mm diameter
Precision engineered for balance and long lasting performance . Medium depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves that swivel at the most delicate touch. This prohibits the bar from warping and reduces pressure on the wrists.

  • Accommodates 2 in Olympic plates
  • 1000 lb. weight capacity
  • Black oxide finish with polished steel sleeves
  • Medium-depth diamond knurl

230 Ib. Bumper plate set - Pairs of 10's, 25's, 35's, 45's
The CAP bumper plate is designed for strength and durability so that it can withstand drops, making the most of your investment. Suited for lifting platforms, gyms and garage floors, these versatile plates can be used for a variety of exercises in functional fitness and cross training.

They're odor-free, so there's no unpleasant chemical odor during your workout. The bumper weight plate is also ideal for any fitness enthusiast who's looking to replace old or outdated pieces.

  • Made of durable rubber
  • CAP bumper plate with slim, uniform diameter (for evenly distributed impact)
  • Steel inner hub is designed to withstand drops without damage
  • Odor-free
  • Rubber design reduces weight room noise and is designed to withstand drops

2 Kettlebells - 35 lb, 53 lb
Competition Weight Kettlebell

  • Weight is accurate to within 1 % of stated weight
  • Made from machine-finished, powder-coated cast iron
  • Wide, flat base will not rock
  • Color-coded handle for easy sorting
  • Weight displayed in lbs. and kgs.

1 Pair of Wood Gymnastic Rings
The straps and cam buckles are also rated at over 1000 lbs. each, giving you an incredibly tough and versatile workout tool. Easy to adjust the length, and providing a great home gym training opportunity!

  • Both Home and Commercial Usage
  • Dimension: Ring: diameter: 9" , thickness: 1.2" , Strap: 1.5"W x 18'L
  • Weight: 3.2 LBs

1 Dynamax Medicine ball - 20 lbs.
Commercial grade construction

  • Ideal for homes or gyms
  • Durable PVC leatherette
  • Burst-resistant construction
  • Made in USA

1 Ab Mat

  • Both Home and Commercial Usage
  • Dimensions: 15"L x 12"W x 3"H
  • Weight: 2 LB

1 Speed Jump Rope
Steel cord with plastic handles

1 pair of spring collars