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Panatta Freeweight HP Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment

Freeweight HP was created to develop strength, power and speed, so much so that internationally renowned athletes choose it for their daily training. Isotonic equipment Freeweight High Performance is unequaled on the market and represents the best joint biomechanics to train at maximum levels in safety and with comfort.

Its main biomechanical pluses are: physiological planes of motion; balanced and constant tension along the full range of motion; correct positioning of the joint centers; preload levers for a physiological stress-free joints; counterweights to make lifted kg real; gas assisted seat/backrest adjustment. Primo Fit is proud to carry these premium Panatta gym equipment in our inventory.

  • PHYSIOLOGICAL PLANES OF MOTION: The trajectory of the Free Weight machine is biomechanically correct. You will target every muscle group in a perfect manner.
  • EVEN AND STEADY TENSION ALONG THE FULL RANGE OF MOTION: Weights are distributed along the range of motion with a steady tension during the movement. It helps get over sticky points at the beginning and at the end of the movement.
  • PROPER SETTING IN LINE WITH PIVOT POINTS:Positioning yourself properly is essential for a safe and productive workout. As for human physiology and joint biomechanics, your joints are in line with fulcrum or pivot points of the machine levers.
  • TILTING PLATFORMS: Tilting platforms place different level of tension in direct ratio to muscle strength and power output thanks to a change of the weight position relative to the perpendicular line of the machine lever. Movements become natural and adjusted to your proportion.
  • NON-SLIP PLATFORM AND PANTOGRAPH TILTING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A non-slip platform guarantees the maximum safety and foot stability even in the most challenging exercise. A pantograph system manages the platform tilting in regard to your ankle flexibility.
  • EASY ENTRY LEVER: An easy entry lever allows you to take the position that works best to keep joints aligned with pivot points. In addition, it is easier to start the movement when the machine is at maximum load.
  • ADJUSTMENT OF PIVOT POINTS: Pivot points follow your positioning through the most complex movements and focus on the target muscle groups.
  • GAS ASSISTED SEAT: Gas assisted springs let you adjust seats and supports easily.