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Buy New & Used Recumbent Bikes For Sale in Excellent Condition.
Great Selection of High-Quality Exercise & Upright Bicycles For Your Gym.

Our inventory changes monthly. If you can’t find what you are looking for, check back soon, or give us a call (281) 972-9267 and we will do our best to help you find the bike you want.

At Primo Fitness, we care about our customers and their health.

Effectively Using Recumbent Bikes to Get the Best Results

We believe that you’ll make the right choice by buying either a brand-new or refurbished recumbent bikes. Here’s how to use it effectively to get great results:

A recumbent bike is one of the exercise machines that lets you burn more calories and prioritizes comfort as well. Before using the bike, make sure that you are already seated comfortably. You may need to adjust the height or angle and ensure your back is completely supported.

It’s best to have the right shoes when using the recumbent bike. This is to ensure your feet don’t suffer from scratches or injuries during the workout.

Also, make sure you provide the right details such as your weight and height. It’s to make sure you know the calories you have burnt with the equipment.

Before engaging in any physical activity, always do warm-up exercises. Warming up prepares your body for the workout and puts minimal stress on your lungs and heart.

This type of training lets you burn more calories during the workout. If your ultimate goal is to burn those extra calories, consider alternating the intensity and speed of your recumbent bike.

Don’t worry, recumbent bikes let you select the type of workout that your body needs.

Are you Ready to Purchase?

We have brand-new and refurbished recumbent bikes for sale. If you can’t decide what to buy for your fitness workout, you can always talk to us.

Feel free to email or call us if you have questions about the bikes we’re selling.

Also, if you own a gym and want to expand your business, we also provide consumer and commercial financing of our equipment. This is a good option if you’re planning to purchase larger quantities of recumbent bikes. Don’t worry, this is an obligation-free application.

Time to Burn Those Calories!

We know and understand what your problems are. Losing weight can be really difficult especially when you need to do vigorous training exercises. You will never have to do that with a recumbent bike.

Hear us out — this type of bike can help you lose those extra calories you’ve been dying to burn. Just try one of our equipment and you’ll see why.

You do need to do your part as well. It’s not enough to just buy this. You will need to actually use it to get results. Trust us, it’s gonna work.

We’ve already given you the benefits of using a recumbent bike. It’s now your turn to do your part.

Buy the recumbent bike and pedal your way to fitness success.