3 Must-Have Gym Equipment for Strength Training

Sometimes, going to the gym could be quite scary and especially if you find crazy looking training tools in the room. The machines could range from barbells, medicine balls, or even sandbags. Determining the right equipment to use for your strength training without hurting yourself could be a challenging task. However, the following are the most basic strength training equipment that every person visiting the gym should take advantage of.

1) Dumbbells

Hampton DBU 35 Hex Dumbbells

                                 Hampton DBU 35 Hex Dumbbells

This strength training equipment is most appropriate for people who are new to strength training. In most gyms, you will find dumbbells that weigh between one and a hundred pounds. According to most fitness experts, dumbbells are perfect for strength building. When using them, your hands are not in a fixed position which means that they are really good for the joints. Your body can move in a natural motion.

2) Barbells

American Barbell Stainless Bearing (Competition) Bar

                     American Barbell Stainless Bearing (Competition) Bar

Most people assume that Olympic lifters and bodybuilders are the only ones who can use barbells. This is very wrong. They can also be used for strength training. Barbells can be used for moves such as deadlifts, snatches and back squats. With barbells, you can carry more weight than using dumbbells. They should be used by people who are ready to go heavy. Keep in mind that the metal bar weighs around forty-five pounds. The weight of the plates that are added on each side of the bar ranges between 2.5 and forty-five pounds. Figure out the calculation and decide whether you are ready for all that. Fixed barbells can, however, be used as an alternative for new strength trainers or those who are not prepared to carry heavyweights.

3) Resistance bands

Sports Research Resisitance Bands

                                     Sports Research Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are effective strength training equipment. They look like giant colored rubber bands. However, resistance bands provide an effective workout to the users. Another benefit of using these resistance bands for building your strength is the fact that they are joint-friendly and low-impact. Your body can remain stable while in motion because the resistance bands create resistance in the two different directions. This strength-building equipment comes in different types. The main categories are the tube bands that have handles, the flat resistance bands, and the closed loops resistance bands. The kind that you choose should match your resistance level, your style, and your length as well. With resistance bands, you can comfortably do exercises such as squats, lateral band walks, and overhead presses. They are the perfect tools to use in case you are new to strength training, in addition to that, resistance bands can easily be carried around in case the user is traveling.

Engaging in workouts is very healthy and offers very many advantages to your body. The above is the most basic strength-training tool that can be used by both men and women in the gym.

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