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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Own Elliptical

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According to studies, working out for fifteen minutes every day can help you keep fit and add more years to your life. Running is the most common form of exercising. However, it could be difficult for people with conditions such as joint pain, bad knees or obesity. This is because running, just like tennis or aerobics, puts a lot of strain on the body parts that are specifically associated with this activity. To avoid this strain, fitness experts are advising people to start using an elliptical cross trainer. This fitness equipment is usually found in gyms and fitness health clubs. However, if you want to exercise on your own at home, you will have to buy the elliptical cross trainer. The following are the three most important things you need to know before purchasing this fitness tool.

Features of the elliptical cross-trainer


Whether you are buying a new or an old elliptical trainer, you should first look at the features. In case you are a starter, you should check if the machine has an electronic monitor. The role of this monitor is to track the distance that the user has covered in terms of kilometers. You should also check whether the machine can move in reverse motion. Some muscle groups can only exercise if you move in reverse. The other essential features to look out for are the movable handles. With these, you can have a well-rounded workout. Do not buy an Elliptical Cross-Trainer if the stride length cannot be adjustable. It is because the stride length of one person is different from that of another person.

Types of elliptical cross trainers

Elliptical cross trainers come in different types. You have to be aware of the various classifications on the market before making the final decision.

  • Drive

This classification is based on drive. This is the positioning of the flywheel. Cross trainers can either be front or rear wheel drive. Generally, there is no significant difference between the two. However, the front drive elliptical cross-trainers usually move the legs of the trainer at a steeper angle. They also have a track system and a roller so that they can support the person’s weight. The user is therefore required to lean forward during the exercise. On the other hand, the rear drive elliptical cross trainers enable the user to make longer strides which happens when walking or jogging. The type that you choose depends on the comfortability.

  • Resistance type

The elliptical cross trainers use air or magnetic resistance to create resistance. In magnetic resistance, some magnets attract or repel magnets to the flywheel. In air resistance, fan blades are used to pump air out to create the resistance.

The price

Before making a purchase, you should be aware of the market price of this home gym equipment. Typically, they range from two hundred to five thousand dollars. The amount depends on your needs and requirements. Ensure that you set a budget. Whichever the case, you should never compromise price with quality.

Elliptical trainers are very popular training machines. Purchasing one for home use could be quite confusing because of the many types available in the market. However, consider the above factors to ensure that you are making an informed decision. Whether you are looking for new or used elliptical trainers, Primo Fitness is the right place to visit. They provide different types of elliptical trainers at affordable prices.