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5 Common Gym Mistakes (That You Should Really Avoid)

It isn’t easy to begin working out and it might be discouraging to not see results right away. Losing weight and getting fit is not quick and simple, it’s an entire change in lifestyle. But if you’ve been putting in effort and not seeing results, you may be making some common mistakes that plague beginners and experienced gym-goers. Whether it’s at home or at the gym, try to avoid these mistakes that decrease workout effectiveness.


1. Not Eating Before Working Out

Many people live busy lives filled with work and family and sleep and other obligations, so it can be difficult to find time to work out and get in shape. Many people opt for waking up early and getting in a good workout before they start their day. It’s tempting to just hit your alarm and fly off to your workout, but it is absolutely vital to remember to eat before. If you’re not eating before working out, you’ll have no fuel to really perform  your best and get the most of of our exercise. It is recommended to eat around an hour before your workout, but again time may be a factor. Even if you can’t get a full meal, you should at least eat a banana (provides energy and is easily digestible) before starting strenuous exercise. Food is fuel and you’re not going to make much progress without eating. It’s like trying to drive a car without gas in it, you can push it, it’ll move, but it won’t get very far. You can read about previous blog post for food suggestions!

2. Taking it Easy

Many cardio machines come with televisions and fancy touchscreens in them nowadays, so it is really easy to be distracted and lose intensity. Many people also enjoy reading while working out on an elliptical, but it is important to remember that just going through the motions isn’t going to get you results. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do other activities while working out, just be conscious that your intensity level is high enough and that you are truly focused on getting or staying fit.

3. Not Warming Up

Many people get amped up and immediately want to get into their routine and start working their hearts out, but not including a warm up in your routine is a great way to suffer injuries. It is not saving time at all to skip your warm up before working out. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean starting off your routine by stretching. Stretching with cold muscles can also lead to injury. Do some light jumping jacks, lunages or push ups to increase your heart rate and warm up your body.

4. Not Learning Proper Form

It’s great to feel sore after a workout, but if you’re feeling actual pain,  you may be doing something wrong. The most common mistake is not learning proper technique, especially when lifting. Not only are you not going to gain maximum benefits, you can and probably will hurt yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask someone around you for help, or hire a trainer for a month to help you learn the ropes and make sure your form is proper. One thing is remember though, when deadlifting, don’t lift with a rounded back.

5. Doing Cardio Before Lifting

Again, proper form is absolutely vital when lifting and increasing strength. By doing cardio before lifting, you’ll become exhausted, making it extremely difficult to keep proper form. It is much easier to push your limits without harm when doing cardio, but doing so when strength lifting is not highly suggested.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you hit the gym, or maybe even when you’re working out in your home gym. Don’t know how to set up your own home gym? You can contact us and we can help you get started!


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