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5 Different Exercises Around the World

It seems like everyday there’s a new type of exercise craze sweeping the United States. Whether it’s p90x or crossfit there seems to be something new and exciting every few months. Despite innovative and exciting ways to workout constantly being created and imported to the United States, there are many of these workouts that you may have never seen before. For this blog post, we’re taking a tour around the world and seeing how they get fit.


1. Yoga (India)

We know how popular yoga pants have become as a fashion statement, but it’s always great to look at the exercise that spawned the beloved leggings. Yoga originated in India is based on the concept of mental and physical discipline. Yoga can range from spiritual to physical and emphasizes flexibility and strength. Yoga is a wonderful way to increase flexibility, tone muscles and relax and find peace.

2. Zumba (Colombia)

Zumba is the preferred choice of workouts for many trying to lose weight because at its core, it’s just very fun. Zumba is primarily focused on dance moves to burn calories. Zumba was actually created because an instructor could not his find his aerobics tape and opted to just listen to music on the radio and created a routine from it. Zumba includes music with changing tempos and combines salsa, merengue and many other dances. A wonderful aspect of Zumba is that is very versatile and flexible. There are Zumba classes for children to the elderly.

3. Radio Taiso (Japan)

Radio Taiso, also known as radio calisthenics, refers to a warm-up calisthenics workout that is broadcasted on the radio in Japan every day. Many students do these warm-ups during school to energize themselves before the day, workers tune in together to form camaraderie and teamwork and seniors generally do them in the park. It is a wonderful way to start off the day moving and stretching.

4. Belly Dancing (Middle East)

Not only is belly dancing sultry, it is also a great tool to strengthen your core. Belly dancing emphasizes isolating muscles and learning how to move them independently. Belly dancing is a great way to get some cardio in and also tighten your abs. Strengthening your core also serves to help your overall fitness and allows you to better perform your other exercises.

5. Karaoke Spin Class (USA)

If spin class isn’t challenging enough for you, try pumping your legs while belting out your favorite tunes. Not only are your legs getting a workout, so are your vocal chords. The logic behind this is that singing helps to elevate the heart rate to an optimal fat burning level. Also, it’s pretty fun.

Here are just a few of the exciting and innovative ways people are working out around the world. Next time you go travel, don’t just gorge out on food and see the sights (although those are essential to a great trip), hit up the local gym and see how others are working out!

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