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5 Fun 4th of July Activities

We here at Primo Fitness love fitness equipment, but we also enjoy seeing people get fit and stay healthy in general. Fourth of July is a great time to gather up the family, maybe do some grilling at the park and watch some fireworks. Besides just eating, the fourth is a wonderful opportunity to have some fun with some activities that will get you up and moving. The following five games are guaranteed to help you break a sweat and have some fun with the family and friends.


1. Steal the Bacon 

This classic playground game requires not only speed but calculated strategies. Fakes and feints can be your friend or you can opt for raw unmatched speed to acquire the bacon and return to base. To play this game you’ll need people and a small object that can be easily grabbed like a tennis ball or a hot dog that will be placed in between the two teams. There will be two teams where each member has been assigned a number. There will be a judge that will call out a number and the corresponding members will attempt to grab the “bacon” and run back to their line. The person who is not holding the “bacon” can tag the person holding it to gain a point for their team. For more excitement, the judge can call out multiple numbers which allows for passing of the bacon and more team play.

2. Red Rover 

Red Rover is a game that not only requires running but strength and teamwork. Like the previous game and most other park/backyard games, it requires that your team be standing in a line. Teams will alternate saying “Red Rover, Red Rover send (insert name here) over.” The person that was called out will run full steam toward the other team. The team that called the person out will link arms and the person called out will attempt to break the link. If the link is broken, the person returns to his/her team. If not, the person will be a part of that team. The game ends when only one person remains on the other team.

3. Tag

No gimmicks, no real rules, just straight up oldschool tag. You can’t go wrong with this tired and true game of speed and stamina. To play, you designate someone as “it” and then will attempt to tag any else who isn’t it. Once a person is tagged, they are now “it” and will proceed to transfer their title to another player by means of tagging (touching them).

4. Endurance Contests

A true test of athleticism and endurance and a surefire way to win bragging rights. Have competitions for the most push-ups, most sit-ups, races and anything else you think you’re superior than other people at. This can be your Olympics.

5. Frisbee

With an MSRP of around three bucks, the frisbee is a fun way to get up and moving. You can either just toss it around with your family and friends or even your furry companions. If you want to add some competition, try to see who can throw it the farthest or maybe even look up the rules for ultimate frisbee.

We hope you have a great holiday and to stay safe and enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful country. Also, if you’ve been losing every game, maybe you should start working out with some exercise equipment. Coincidentally, that’s what we sell here at Primo Fitness!


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