3 Best Gym Machines for Arms

Whether you’re looking for bulging biceps or toned slender arms, the following 5 gym machines will suit your needs in sculpting your arms the way you want them. Working out your arms can also aid you in a variety of ways, including helping you in your overall fitness and life. Imagine the joy of taking just one trip to carry your groceries in. Imagine the wonderful feeling of being able to open any jar in your house. You can realize these amazing feats by using some great gym machines to workout your arms.


1. Incline Press

The incline press machine is not only one of the best gym machines for your arms, it’s one of the best machines overall that you can use. This machine not only targets your triceps, it also targets your chest. To properly use this weight machine,  you grip the handles with both arms and fully extend your arm. Once you’ve reached full extension, slowly bring in your arms in order to complete the repetition.

2. Elliptical Machine

Strengthening and toning your arm isn’t purely done on strength and weight machines. In order to get that sculpt, you need to burn the fat and there is no better way to do that than on a cardio machine. Many elliptical crosstrainers come with poles or handle bars attached that are movable. Grab the poles and pump your arms back and forth for added cardio benefit. Using the poles and your arms will not only increase the amount of calories burned, it’ll also help in increase strength in your arms.

3. Assisted Chin Dip Machine

The assisted chin dip machine is a wonderful all-in-one machine for working the upper body. It works out the muscles in the shoulders, back and most importantly, the biceps. This unit is great because it utilizes your own body weight in the workout. Using this machine is pretty simple. First you’re either generally going to be standing or kneeling on a weighted platform. Extend your arms slowly and once you reach full extension, bend your elbows back into starting position. Simple!

These three machines are only a tiny fraction of other machines that work your arms at the gym. There is still the chest press, bicep curl machine and much much more. Get to work and get the arms you’ve always dreamed of! If you ever need anymore help, contact Primo Fitness!


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