5 reasons you should follow us on social media#

This may be an atypical blog post, but there is absolutely vital information on why you should follow Primo Fitness on social media. Not only are we your best and greatest option for used gym equipment, we’re also social butterflies consistently posting compelling content on your favorite social media sites. So let’s take a look at what you’ll get if you follow us.

1. Fun on Facebook


The big honcho of social media, the giant, so of course we’re on Facebook! You’ll find fascinating posts and pictures about fitness equipment, you’ll get to talk to us directly and send us cute messages that we’ll respond to and just be constantly updated on everything regarding the site and fitness equipment in general!

2. Trending on Twitter


Following us on Twitter will be your best bet to get instant updates right to your phone. We’re usually posting our timed specials on Twitter so try to stay on your toes because these flash sales end quickly.

3. Instagram straight flexin’


It would be foolish for Primo Fitness not to be in instagram, AKA the most beloved home of fit people. You’ll get exclusive pictures of our new shipments and fitness equipment from all the top brands in fitness like Precor, Life Fitness, Star Trac and more. Also if we see that you’re working hard on being fit and healthy, we might even shoot you a compliment on your pictures!

4. Parading on Pinterest


Our pins probably won’t help you plan your wedding, but it will help you get in great shape, possibly for your wedding. We post the best workouts from all across Pinterest and all the latest and greatest in gym equipment technology!

5. Google+


Without fail, new blog posts will always be posted on Google+ before any of our other social sites. Our Google+ page also has a ton of info on our physical location!

Make sure to follow us on everything and you’ll be more knowledgeable on fitness equipment, fitness in general and you’ll probably just overall be much happier.

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