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5 Ways Exercise Makes You More Attractive

It’s common knowledge that exercise has a variety of health benefits from warding off diseases and making the body run more effectively, but working out regularly will also increase attractiveness in a variety of ways. When you’re working out, whether it’s just a run or using some amazing used fitness equipment, you’re not only improving your health but your beauty also. This goes far beyond “it just makes you look better,” there are specific facets of your body that is improved.


1. Exercising can help you grow healthy hair more quickly

This may seem a little odd, but the explanation is pretty simple. The body is like a machine that uses nutrients as a fuel to keep itself alive. Being active and having a healthy lifestyle will make the body run like a well oiled machine. When the body is in top shape, nutrients are used more efficiently, leaving leftover resources to protect and build your hair. Working out also promotes circulation, which helps deliver those nutrients to your hair.

2. It helps you get your “beauty sleep”

Regular exercise promotes deeper and more restful sleeps which combats symptoms of sleep deprivation which can take a toll on your body. Quality sleep will prevent the sagging of skin, eye bags and premature wrinkling. When sleeping, the body “repairs” itself by generating new skin cells keeping a youthful appearance. Sleeping also burns calories, not a huge amount, but every little bit does help. Sleep is absolutely vital to looking good, youthful and healthy and working out will promote deep and restful sleep.

3. Sweating can help improve your skin

Although it should be noted that just sweating more isn’t going to improve your skin alone. There are a couple of ways that sweat helps to improve your skin. The first is the contents of the sweat itself. If you’re big on spas and skincare, you may be aware of those exfoliating salt scrubs. Although it may not be as effective as that, salt does contain sodium which may help. The other main way that sweat can help your skin comes from how we sweat. In order to sweat, the body opens up its pores, which allows it to be deep cleaned. You should make sure to actually clean it though, because if sweat sits on your skin too long it can cause rashes.

4. It burns fat

This one is painfully obvious, but there is also another dimension to the fat burning that exercise does. On the surface level, it does burns the fat that’s visible, such as love handles and beer bellies. This is the fat that can be touched, pinched and jiggled. Then there is the fat under the surface, called visceral fat. This is the fat that lines your organs and produces a plethora of health risks. Regular exercise promotes the burning of this visceral fat, increases your metabolism, which improves your body’s ability to burn the surface fat.

5. It improves self esteem and confidence 

Confidence is attractive. Working out can improve your feelings of self worth. For many, this happens before they even see a significant physical change in their body. Exercise just feels good and being happy leads to being more confident.

So in summary, working out can help you become a well rested, fat burning machine, with luscious hair, that’s confident in their own beautiful skin. Want a convenient way to start working out? Check out our shop filled with used gym equipment.

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