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6 Machines to Have in Your Home During Quarantine

6 Machines to Have in Your Home During Quarantine

6 Machines to Have in Your Home During Quarantine

Have you been planning to buy home gym equipment?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it a better time than ever to build up your home gym. COVID-19 is known to spread easily in enclosed areas like shared gyms. Not only that, but gyms are either being shut down or are slowly opening up. With all of this going on, it’s hard to be consistent with your workouts right now.

Having fitness equipment at home is the best way to keep up with your personal health while staying safe from COVID-19. Outdoor workouts like running or biking still carry some risks, so why not invest in equipment that you can use at home?

Here are 6 of the best machines and equipment to keep in your home for a well-rounded exercise routine.

Treadmill Machine


When you’re buying equipment for your home gym, it’s important to choose the best machines for your fitness goals, not to mention the space you have available. Running or walking is a popular cardio activity that has plenty of health benefits.

A treadmill machine lets you get your miles in without having to go outside. During a pandemic, it’s even more useful to be able to run miles while staying inside.  These machines are designed with a padded, soft surface that minimizes impact on your joints. By using this piece of gym equipment, you can avoid the cumulative effects of running on concrete or asphalt. 

A good treadmill lets you adjust the speed and incline of your path. You can set resistance higher to get a more rigorous workout. You can even alternate speed and intensity for an effective circuit workout.

Elliptical Cross-trainer Machine

Elliptical machines are designed for low-impact cardio training.

The elliptical range of motion puts less strain on your joints than running or walking, because your feet stay in one spot. That means you’re not constantly putting your full weight on your knees and hips as you pound the pavement. Runners sometimes use these to work out their muscles without the joint pain.

Ellipticals also let you burn a lot of calories since your entire body is involved in the movement. Using the handles lets you work your arms while strengthening your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps below. 

On the other hand, you can improve your balance and work your core by letting go of those handles during your workout session. This is one product that can help you achieve plenty of fitness goals.

Indoor Cycle

An indoor cycle is a handy piece of gym equipment to have at home. Biking is a great way to  get cardio exercise and work out your lower body, including your legs and glutes.

For many people, lower body workouts are harder to do at home without the help of a machine. 

An indoor cycle gives you the tools to strengthen your legs and lower body while toning your core.

Since your indoor bike gives a pretty thorough lower body workout, it’s a useful piece of equipment to keep at home. When you have one at your house, you can decide to use it whenever the mood strikes. You won’t have to wait for equipment to be free like you would at the gym.

When you’re biking indoors, you don’t need to worry about wearing a mask to stay safe from COVID-19. You can also avoid the various inconveniences of the outdoors, including things like wet roads, extreme weather, and car traffic. Instead, you have total control over your environment, and you can even put on entertainment, like music or a movie.

Barbell Racks

If you’ve made lots of progress lifting heavy barbells, the idea of having to put your training on pause due to gyms opening and closing is probably frustrating. Why not invest in a set of barbell racks so you can keep up your progress at home?  This is the perfect addition to your home gym if you’re looking to build and maintain muscle.

The great thing about buying your own weight racks is that you can choose the products that fit your own needs. There are options like stand squat racks, racks that include pull up bars, single racks, and double racks that allow multiple people to train at once.

Once you have your barbell rack and bench setup, you can choose your weights according to your skill level and fitness plan. A sturdy, reliable barbell rack at your home means you have control over the way you work out, and you won’t ever have to deal with people waiting in line as you get your workout in.

Weight Benches

While not quite a machine, benches are indispensable in any gym, and they make it possible for you to try new  exercises with your weights.

There’s a huge variety of weight benches out there, but they’re all designed to help you make the most of your barbells and dumbbells. A sturdy, padded weight bench is the kind of gym equipment that gives you plenty more options, but doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

With your designated weight bench, you can comfortably pull off exercises like dumbbell rows, shoulder presses, and more.

A bench opens up new possibilities for you and works as a reliable anchor for your home gym.

Multi-Gym System

If you’re short on space but still need ways to do a full-body workout, you could instead opt for a multi-gym system.

A great system is designed for strength training, and it includes targeted workouts for all major muscle groups. Some even boast a total of 25 possible exercises, for your chest, obliques, lower body, arms, shoulders, and back.

All of this equipment fits into a small space, making it easy for your home. Rather than being a jumbled pile of free weights and other fitness equipment, a multi-gym system is up and ready to go whenever you want to use it.

Most machines also have an adjustable back, so you can get into the correct position for this range of exercises and stay comfortable throughout your workout.

Which gym machines do you plan to add to your home collection?