Ab Solo Machine

Ab Solo machines

We have one of these unique Ab Solo machines for sale at our warehouse. The Ab Machine allows you to do sit-up medicine ball tosses without a partner. All the pieces necessary for the full workout are included. This is the commercial grade unit that you would find in a gym.

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Product :

The new AbSolo is a revolutionary training system that effectively works your abdominals and core muscles.  By combining medicine ball tosses with traditional crunches, the Ab Solo gives an great workout for people of all ages.  Because the AbSolo is so fun and so effective, it is one of the hottest pieces of workout equipment in years, receiving rave reviews and comments from trainers, gyms, and users.

The AbSolo Core Intensive Training System strengthens and conditions the abdominal, lower back, and oblique muscles.  At the same time, the Ab Solo conditions the entire upper body including chest and shoulders, while providing a fat-burning cardiovascular workout.  Because this is a full range-of-motion workout, the Absolo is a total abdominal exercise, enhancing muscular development.

AbSolo training can be as intensive as you want it to be.  As your abdominal muscles develop,you can progressively increase intensity by using heavier medicine balls, increasing pace, changing upper body motions, and increasing repetitions.

Features of the Ab Solo Core Intensive Training System include:

Motivational & Fun: Because the AbSolo provides an interactive training movement, you are able to set your own pace.  The AbSolo workout motion is natural; unlike other abdominal exercises, you don’t have to focus on your form, your focus is on tossing the AbSolo medicine balls.

Improve Athletic Performance: The AbSolo workout movements increases hand-eye coordination and strength by simulating sport-specific functions, as with baseball, golf, and tennis swings.

ore Exercise: Ab Solo training targets your mid-section, exactly where many people struggle to develop muscle.  The action of throwing and retrieving the AbSolo medicine balls improves back and torso strength, stabilizes the core, and improves functional movement.  Strengthening from an AbSolo workout reduces your risk of injury due to weak core muscles.

AbSolo Core Intensive Training System Includes:

AbSolo Machine

Medicine balls

Ball catch/return and bounce board


Dimensions: 7′ tall x 9′ long x 2′ wide

Weight: 326 pounds

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