Accuniq provides healthcare and fitness professionals high quality devices to help assess their clients health level leading to improved diagnosis and treatment for the best possible outcomes.

Our Body Composition Analyzers and Blood Pressure Monitors are accurate, repeatable, dependable and reliable offering the best solutions in the industry.

ACCUNIQ is a global leader in body composition analyzers and blood pressure monitors.

For over 10 years, body composition analyzers have been our core business. ACCUNIQ’s dedication to providing the most accurate and functional healthcare products to medical and fitness providers around the world taking innovative design and functionality one step beyond

Body Composition Analyzer

ACCUNIQ BC720 Premium Body Composition Analyzer

BC720 offers all of the features and functions needed for superior diagnosis of body composition including muscle structure and abdominal obesity that lead to improved treatment for all body types.

ACCUNIQ BC380 Body Composition Analyzer

Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analysis using BIA Technology

ACCUNIQ BC360 Standard Body Composition Analyzer

With the development of our basic technology that more accurately measures your bodies data our impedance body fat analyzer can truly analyze body composition.


Easy to move and install Light-weight and foldable impedance body fat meter with sensible design


Easy to move and install Light-weight and foldable impedance body fat meter with sensible design

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


It is based on the WHO guidelines of the World
Health Organization, which automatically performs
all processes from simultaneous pressurization
and measurement of both arms


A blood pressure monitor that
simultaneously detects a person’s
movement state and blood pressure


ACCUNIQ BP500 is judging the blood pressure condition of the patient first
at the phase of the pressurization,
and doing second measurement at the phase of the exhaust.


The ACCUNIQ BP250 can be measured with
just one touch function You can recognize
the QR code on the LCD result screen as well as
on the result printout.


ACCUNIQ BP210 is designed to make it
easy for people to measure blood pressure
even for the people using the device for the first time.

The New Standard in Body Composition Analysis

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