Alysia Gadson – International Sales

Alysia Gadson - International Fitness Equipment Sales

Alysia Gadson – International Sales

Alysia Gadson has been in the fitness industry since 2002.

Alysia has worked in International Sales for Primo Fitness since 2014. She is an expert in creating customized gym packages. She also has extensive knowledge of international shipping requirements.

Alysia shipped gym packages to the following countries: Australia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Greece, Macedonia, Georgia, Albania, Russia, Norway, Poland and Spain.

Prior to joining our team, Alysia worked for 12 years in private gyms as a personal trainer. She also founded a national non-profit fitness program that ran from 2008 to 2015. She is a certified personal trainer and RKC Kettlebell Instructor.

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