Benefits of Group Exercise

One of the most important keys for getting a good workout, the fun factor, is often overlooked. If working out isn’t enjoyable, you’re not going to do it as often and with the vigor necessary in order to reap the full benefits. One of the quickest ways to turn getting fit into fun is by doing it in a group. Whether it’s a couple of friends or a group training class, working out with others is highly beneficial. We’ll tell you why!

  1. It creates a fun and social environment

If a buddy of yours invites you to dinner or to grab some drinks, you’ll most likely accept without a second thought. This is because these invites are for fun social outings. There is no reason working out cannot be a fun social event. Inviting friends to workout with you can motivate you to work harder and also allows all of you to be accountable for each other. A fun idea is to set up a home gym where you can blast the music you enjoy with all of your most beloved buddies. By making working out an event rather than a chore, you’ll be more likely to stick to a routine and feel great about it.

  1. Group classes are great for beginners

Probably the biggest hurdle to overcome when starting a fitness routine is where to start? It is difficult to create your own exercise and regiment that will benefit yourself if you don’t have previous experience in fitness. One of the best ways to begin your workout journey is by taking classes at your local gym. These are led by experienced fitness gurus that know how the body work and how to maximize workouts for the most benefit. You’ll also be surrounded by other beginners so there is no intimidation. Even if you are taking an advanced class, the other participants will be able to help.

  1. You can meet new friends (or maybe more)

It is not the wisest idea to go to the gym with the intention of finding new friends or your soul mate but it is a nice potential added bonus. Meeting people at the gym and befriending them will help to add motivation. Friendly competition can also push you harder and help you reach your goals more quickly. You’ve also most commonly heard stories of couples meeting at the gym, so there’s also that.

  1. Routine and Accountability

As we previously alluded to before, friends and group workout are great for accountability. It is hard to find excuses when you have to convince someone other than yourself. Having more than one person working out together also means that there is a need for coordination, which is great for creating a routine.

Are there any machines that are used for group workouts?

Actually, yes there are. For example, we have a great total group training machine called the Life Fitness Synergy XS. We also have a Cybex 3 Stack Multigym which will allow you to workout with two of your buddies. Make working out a social event!

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