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Best Cardio Workout For Your Body Type

Wholesale-Gym-EquipmentThe benefits of being physically fit are not only felt on the physical health aspect, but also on the emotional being as people who work out often see themselves on a positive light. The journey to physical fitness starts with a visit to a commercial gym equipment store to select the most appropriate cardio machine.

It is important to consider your body type for optimal results. This is because the cardio exercise revolves around increasing the heart rate and the success of the project is directly linked to understanding yourself and knowing what your body needs.

The classification of body types is a grey area and very subjective. However, fitness specialists seem to agree that you will fall one of the three body types-mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph.

Are You an Endomorph? Consider these Workouts


You are an endomorph if you look on a mirror and see that your lower body is broader than the upper body. In particular, the shoulders are narrower than your waist. If you have this body type, you might be genetically inclined to store fat faster and have difficulties in losing it.

If you have this body type, your cardio exercises should focus on exerting pressure on your lower torsos. In such a case, you should you should let your commercial gym equipment specialist know what exactly it is that you need. A treadmill, recumbent bike, steppers and climbers, and the spin bike will be very effective in getting your heart racing in no time. The machines have the effect of Tabata cardio workouts and the circuit cardio workouts that are effective in burning calories in the short run.

What About the Mesomorph Body Type and the Relevant Cardio Exercises?

If your shoulder is wider than your waist, you are a mesomorph. Additionally, if you grasp your wrist and your index fingers can touch, you are in this category. Mesomorphs gain muscles easily and can lose them easily too.

Unlike endomorphs, mesomorphs require to engage every section of the body for optimal cardio results. Hands, chest, waist, legs, and stomach should all feel the impact of an exercises session.

If you are a mesomorph, your time at the commercial gym equipment store is quite easy and straightforward due to the large number of options to consider. The air dyne, the elliptical crosstrainer, and arc machines can help you to undertake elliptical cardio workouts that are beneficial to your body.

Workouts for you if you are an Ectomorph

You are an ectomorph if your body is straight/you have no curves and your ratio of waist to shoulder is 1/1. In most cases, you are very lean because your body has a very high metabolism rate that makes it difficult to gain fat or muscle.

Cardio workouts should, therefore, enable you to gain muscle. Your options at the commercial gym equipment business should be the machines that induce intense workouts in multiple exercises simultaneously. The equipment should work out 1 or 2 body parts to avoid high metabolism rates. The best options are; leverage systems, benches, skierg, and squat racks.


The American Heart Association recommends a 40 minutes cardio workout for 3-4 days a week. Regardless of your body type, sleep, diet, and a healthy lifestyle are vital in yielding the change that you want to see.

To know more about your body type, research more on the somatotype theory. Visit Primo Fitness today to get the best deals on commercial gym equipment.