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Best Exercise Machine for Losing Belly Fat

Matrix C7xe Climbmill Stepmill

The accumulation of belly fat can be unflattering especially when the fat expands your waistline. For some people, it is the ridicule that comes from friends or the pressure imposed by Beauty magazines. Apart from the psychological effects, too much fat can cause diseases like high blood pressure and other heart-related complications. The healthiest way to reduce this is through exercise. Treadmills and bikes are the best machines for losing weight and cutting that belly fat in the process. At our wholesale gym equipment, we offer a variety of these two machines.

Cybex treadmill


This type is excellent for Cardio exercises that maximize the burning of calories in the body. The treadmills vary in terms of speed and the percentage of the automated incline. For effective training on a treadmill, it is advisable to exercise with a steep incline that fastens the calorie burning process. These treadmills also come with a heart monitoring device which uses the red, yellow and green colors to show your heart rate.

Free Motion treadmills

These machines provide an up and down tilting movement, replicating the outdoor terrain. This feature makes it an effective machine to use. It is also designed with Google maps trails and online treadmill races that motivate you during your workout session. They are also fitted with television screens and Android browsers that add a touch of luxury to your exercise experience. To cool your body as you run on the treadmill, this machine has a fan with an adjustable speed. The machines also have wireless heart rate monitoring tools that enable you to track your heart rate, giving you an efficient workout time.

Life Fitness treadmills

These treadmills can hold a weight of up to 400 pounds and go at a maximum speed of 12mph. The incline can go up to 15 percent while gradually inclining at 0.5 percent. This gives you a feel of the outdoor terrain, changing your metabolism and muscles. The machines are also designed to reduce the shock of impact by having cushions on the treadmill track. As a boost to the heart monitoring aspect, the life fitness treadmills come with an inbuilt Heart Sync workout program. It also comes with accessories like the cup holder and has consoles that keep you entertained during your workout session.

Spinner indoor cycle bikes

The bikes in this category have stainless steel frames while the flywheel is heavy. The pedals are made of Morse taper creating a perfect grasp during pedaling. These features help improve your ride experience and give it a personalized feel.

Keiser indoor cycle

One of the most loved features of this bike is its ability to imitate the road bike. When riding it, you feel like you’re riding uphill. The ride is quiet and has a wide resistance. The seat can also adjust vertically and horizontally to give you the comfortable feel that you need. You can also adjust the handles to two different positions that suit you. The bike is designed with an inbuilt heart rate monitor that gives you the accurate heart rate data.

If you want to purchase the aforementioned and other cardio fitness machines; visit the Primo fitness shop for retail or wholesale gym equipment.