Best Strength Workouts for Men Over 30


Leaving the age of 20 doesn’t have to mean that you lose all of the advantages that come with being young. Through proper dieting, exercise, and rest you can maintain the structure that you developed in your 20’s and even improve on it.

Though it would be ideal to accomplish the amount of work that you did while you were younger it is important to note that life is slowing down a little bit. Stretching and proper warm-ups and will be essential to remaining healthy as you continue to strengthen your body.

Bench Press

The bench press is an exercise that many people, whether young or old, use to gauge their strength. Though it is not the best indicator of overall strength the bench press work several muscle groups in the upper body. Adding the bench press to your workout will allow you to increase the pushing force that you can exert with your body.

If previous injuries or mobility prevent you from performing the bench press properly then a chest press machine will be more than sufficient enough. Machines such as the Hammer Strength chest press machine will reduce the stress on your joints while allowing you to target the muscle groups that you want to work.

Additionally, machines like the Hammer Strength chest press can be utilized for a variety of movements which will allow you to target numerous muscles during your workout.

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Squatting a natural motion that the human body performs on a daily basis. Tasks as simple as sitting down in a chair use the pattern of motion involved with a squat. Adding squats to your workout will allow you to strengthen your legs and core, which are the most utilized parts of the body. Aside from building your core strength squats also will help you burn body fat all while improving your circulation during the process.


Much like squats, deadlifts are a great way to strengthen your legs and core. Your body will utilizes a number of muscle groups in order to complete the exercise properly, even your grip strength will be improved by the deadlift. Deadlifts, as a result of the muscles used to perform the exercise, also will help improve your posture. As long as you perform the deadlift with the proper form the deadlift is one of the safest exercises for your body to perform.


Strength training is all-inclusive. Many people often miss cardio or outright ignore it when they are training with weights. However, it is important that your body is strong fully. Sprinting is a great way for you to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility all while burning fat.

It can be easy to just want to dive right into a sprint workout but don’t. Sprinting can be taxing on your body and will require that your muscles are warm. Prior to sprinting you should make sure that you are properly warmed up. Perform a series of dynamic stretches and exercises to prepare your body.
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