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Why Buy Used Gym Equipment?

or “Is used gym equipment right for my gym?”

This is a question that you as a fitness business owner is faced with: “Is used fitness equipment right for my gym?”

We believe that the answer is “Yes but ONLY if you get the right equipment from the right supplier!”

Here is what do look for:

  • Do they actually have the used gym equipment in stock or in production?
  • Do they really have a warehouse?
  • Do they really do their own repairs and refurbishing of fitness equipment?
  • Can you visit their facility?
  • Will they send you photos of your equipment as it is refurbished and packed for shipping?
  • Do they have an equipment showroom?
  • What is their reputation in the industry?
  • What do their Yelp reviews have to say?
  • What is their shipping and return policies?
  • Do they know how to properly ship containers overseas?
  • Do they have the certified installers to support my installation?

At Primo Fitness we can check all those boxes:

  • Equipment in Stock ✓: Hundreds and hundreds of machines of all kinds in stock that rotates frequently. Check out our Dealer Inventory
  • Warehouse ✓: see our 100,000 sq. ft. facility on Google Maps or the inside here
  • Repair & Refurbish In-House ✓: expertly trained staff on premises, get details about our refurbishing process
  • Can I visit ✓: call or use our schedule an appointment form to visit, consult, buy
  • Tracking order ✓: take your pick of attentive, expert sales people: Alysia and Dimitri
  • Showroom ✓: our 10,000 sq. ft. showroom (video) is open 9 – 5:00 PM weekdays and extended hours by appointment
  • Reputation ✓: just call Precor, Life Fitness, Hampton and more
  • Yelp ✓: check out our Yelp reviews, they speak for themselves
  • Shipping & Returns ✓: our policies are posted & enforced for your benefit. Quote
  • Container packing ✓: here are just a few examples
  • Certified Installers ✓: Life Fitness, Precor and more

Dealer Inventory | Used Gym Equipment | Commercial Gym Equipment Packages

What is “Commercial Gym Equipment”?

Gym equipment is described as being in one of several different categories each based on the audience that will be using it. The distinctions are equipment for the “Home” (aka residential) Gym user and the highest grade meant for the heaviest use cases, franchise gyms, professional sports team, universities and high schools which is known as “Commercial Gym Equipment” in the industry. This is the equipment we specialize in and it often proves to be a better value when purchased either used or refurbished.

We actually have an article about this topic that does a detailed rundown on the differences between Residential and Commercial Gym Equipment.

Because we are selling refurbished commercial equipment you can save between 30 – 70% over the cost of these machines new while getting the same great quality of top of the line exercise machines.

If you’re a wholesale buyer of gym equipment like a fitness equipment dealer or a gym owner we’d love to hear from you. Call (281) 972-9267 to get the process started.

Who we do business with: you’re next!

The majority of our clients are brand new gym owners who are opening their first gym facility or they are experienced gym owners opening a second, third or fourth gym or more. We have served every type of gym from doing huge installation projects at big-name franchise gyms (we are trained installers for many industry leading name brands) to schools, hotels, condos and individual gyms to Physical Therapy centers.

You name it: if it involves gym equipment sales, refurbishing or installation, we’ve done it.

The second biggest segment of our clients are fitness equipment dealers looking for a gym equipment vendor who can provide the quantities and types of exercise machines that their customers want. We have many long-term gym equipment dealers in Mexico, Central & South America; Asia, particularly Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Korea; and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Israel and many other countries around the globe.

Our International customers are buying container loads of equipment for use in outfitting gyms their own countries. We are mostly sending refurbished commercial-grade fitness equipment often with custom frame colors, upholstery or logos. Our team are experts at International packing and shipping, securing the load so that zero damage occurs in transit.

What our customers are trying to do: succeed!

We believe that our customers are looking for suppliers who can meet their needs, someone with honesty and integrity with whom they can form a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial to them both.

We believe that we meet or exceed all of these criteria.

A list of their needs would include:

  1. The best selection and supply to meet their needs
  2. Competitive prices that allow them to see a return on their investment
  3. New and used name brand, high-quality, commercial-grade fitness equipment
  4. Excellent customer service in every part of the relationship: before, during and after the sale
  5. The very highest quality refurbishing of equipment so that a person can have peace of mind that their order will arrive complete, intact, on time and in perfect working condition
  6. Attentive, timely follow up by sales staff AFTER the sale to make sure that customer needs were met; management availability for consultation by phone, email or video chat; technical support by our installers and refurbishers when problems do arise.

Our Service Area: God’s green earth!

Obviously we deliver new and used exercise equipment worldwide but this only makes economic sense for large quantity orders. For single-machine orders our service area is Southern California: Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Diego counties.

Anyone wishing to purchase a single machine who is outside of Southern California is welcome to request a custom shipping request. The charges can often add $150 to $500 or more to the total order cost depending on what is being ordered.

Near or far please know that we have extensive shipping experience and many resources to call on when it comes time to get you the best possible price on shipping your gym equipment.

Who we are: Seasoned Veterans!

Leo Marangi: 30 years in the fitness industry, originally from South Africa, former bodybuilder

Nathan Green: 30 years in the industry, originally from Michigan, 10+ years at Life Fitness

Dimitri Sonck: 30 years in the fitness industry, originally from Belgium, former bodybuilder

Alysia Gadson: 20 years in the fitness industry, originally from Australia, former personal trainer owner

Our location: in the middle of the action!

We are based in Fresno Texas. Right outside of Houston

Our facility is at 701 W Sycamore Rd, Fresno, TX U.S.A. We have a 100,000 sq. ft. facility with a 10,000 sq. ft. fitness equipment showroom.

We are open from 9 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. Special appointments for Saturdays can be arranged in advance especially for visitors from overseas.

Overseas Buyers: Please call in advance so that we can prepare for your visit and roll out the red carpet! We can recommend accommodations, restaurants and more. We want to maximize your time with us and planning will allow that to happen.

What to look out for in this business and online

While new equipment comes with a given or assumed quality, function and reliability the same cannot be said about used equipment. That’s why we say Caveat Emptor: buyer beware! This is true about many industries but, unfortunately, it’s VERY true about the the fitness industry!

What you need to find is a reliable player in the industry, someone who has never cut corners and always done the right thing even though it was painful at the time, someone with dozens of 5 star Yelp reviews, someone like PRIMO FITNESS!

Doing right is good business and we’re in the business of doing right!

If you’re shopping by price you have to ask yourself “How is that low price possible? What corners were cut in order to get there? What am I really getting and in what condition?”. We’ve heard the many, many horror stories of people buying online only to take delivery on something that doesn’t work properly, has obvious flaws that weren’t reported, is perhaps damaged in transit and is then impossible to return. Suddenly their vendor isn’t answering the phones, he’s closed that business only to re-open online with a new name but same unethical business practices.

We are a real business, with a real warehouse, a real showroom, a real reputation that we’ve earned, real employees that really know the equipment. All of these things cost money but add up to VALUE time and again.

Why you should do business with Primo

In our minds the answer is clear: in a marketplace full of competitors we are the superior choice.

The key will be in your finding enough positive indicators that you make the first contact with us. We’re confident that once you’ve engaged with us no more questions will remain, you will agree with us and the choice will be easy.

How to get started

Whether setting up a gym for the first time or opening another fitness center in your expanding chain we understand that your money needs to be spent wisely.

Of course do your online research but there’s much more than that:

  • Do your due diligence, online and off
  • Ask for referrals to satisfied customers or professional partners
  • The best way to get started: our contact form or (281) 972-9267
  • If you don’t have a sales rep we’ll match you with one that best meets your needs
  • Explore equipment financing options with our partner

If you do come in be sure to meet with our owner Leo Marangi. He’s an expert in equipment choices and selection, gym layouts, buying equipment, move

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Frequently asked questions about Used Gym Equipment

People searching for used gym equipment have a lot of questions. With over 20 years of involvement in every aspect of the fitness industry Primo Fitness has the answers you are searching for. We will be expanding this area over time to address even more relevant questions about used fitness equipment.

Not seeing your questions answered here? Shoot us an email and we’ll add it to the list.

Where to buy used gym equipment?

Obviously we’re biased here: you should buy your used gym equipment from us, We recommend that check any supplier you plan on purchasing from against the following criteria, in descending order of importance:

  1. Who has the fitness equipment I want in stock or can get it for me?
  2. Are they near me or is shipping an additional expense?
  3. What is their reputation as a business?

Where to buy used treadmills?

Again, this is a tricky question to answer because it actually prompts several more questions. We’ve created a very informative video about what you should look for when you’re purchasing a used treadmills or more precisely a used treadmill that’s been refurbished to “like new”. To be absolutely clear here we are talking about commercial quality treadmills. Here is a quick rundown of the points it raises about where to buy used treadmills:

  1. Running Belt: this is the KEY component of your used treadmill as it is the main surface that you come in contact with! Some places cut corners by replacing the original manufacturer’s equipment with cheap knockoffs or even painting the old belt to look new but it will still be worn and not last! Ask what brand of replacement running belts they use, where it was made, whether the belt is new and look for the label on the back of the running belt of your treadmill BEFORE  you buy. Our wax-free running belts can cost $250 or more but insure a “like new” machine. Belt can cause stress on electronic components.
  2. Bearing: make sure they replace every bearing in every motor with high quality bearings
  3. Flip the old deck: a common practice in the industry is to flip the old deck. This is not recommended as it can compromises elasticity that can lead to failure in the near future. Every used treadmill that is refurbished by Primo Fitness gets a brand new deck.
  4. Reuse old bearing in roller: another unfortunately common practice is to reuse the old roller bearings. Primo Fitness uses only brand new bearings for quietness, smoothness and energy efficiency of the rollers.
  5. Tension pulley and Drive Belt: often overlooked replacing these items is essential insures that a used treadmill from Primo Fitness will be quiet, smooth running and energy efficient
  6. Lift Motor: also known as the elevation motor, Primo Fitness restores the lift motor back to factory specifications on their refurbished used treadmills.
  7. Lower Electronics: Lower Board or PCB Board: a faulty belt, deck or motor tested by factor
  8. Polish wax in overlays: Primo Fitness uses new overlays on their refurbished used treadmills.
  9. Membrane: Primo Fitness uses new membrane on their refurbished used treadmills.
  10. Replace rubber grips: Primo Fitness uses new rubber grips on their refurbished used treadmills.

Where to sell used fitness equipment?

Yes, you can sell your used fitness equipment to us, with caveats of course. We generally buy entire gyms at one fell swoop, pack them up and ship them back to our warehouse for refurbishing and sale. This is called a “Gym Equipment Buyback” or a “Gym Extraction” and we have an entire page dedicated to the topic of where to sell used fitness equipment.

Our buying team is lead by Nathan Green: if you want to sell used fitness equipment contact Nathan. We also offer free appraisals when you’re ready to sell used fitness equipment. Just follow that link and send us pictures of the fitness equipment you want to sell and Nathan will respond.

Where to buy used workout equipment?

Where do gyms buy their equipment?

Where to buy commercial gym equipment?

Where to buy used fitness equipment?

Where to buy used exercise equipment?

Where to buy used weight lifting equipment?

Where to buy used weight equipment? The ideal place has the name brand and selection that you’re looking for. Not only that but weight equipment is heavy and so shipping can be a consideration unless they are close to you.

Where can I buy used exercise equipment?

How to lease gym equipment?

We have a leasing partner in Geneva Capital. They handle both consumer and commercial leases and you can apply online and get an answer back in no time. Follow that link to learn all about  how to lease gym equipment whether you’re a gym owner or a home gym user.

How long does commercial gym equipment last?

What’s the best home gym equipment?

Used Gym Equipment - Santa Ana, CA
Life Fitness treadmills for a women’s only gym in Saudi Arabia. These will have pink elements when done!
Used Fitness Equipment - Santa Ana, CA
Life Fitness treadmills in an electric blue color shipping to U.S.A.
Every machine is rigorously tested at multiple stages during the refurbishing process.
Every machine is rigorously tested at multiple stages during the refurbishing process.
Custom yellow shrouds and logo on strength equipment
Custom yellow shrouds and logo on strength equipment
Orange Custom Color Frames
Wow! Look at the vibrant orange custom frame color on these exercise bikes!
Alysia Gadson - International Fitness Equipment Sales
Alysia Gadson – International Sales
Dimitri Sonck - International Sales
Dimitri Sonck – Retail & International Sales