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See what’s new about us at Primo Fitness! Come down to our new larger facility and 10,000 sq. ft. showroom. We sell all major types of gym equipment from brands such as Life Fitness, Precor, Nautilus, Hammer Strength, Muscle D, Cybex, Matrix, Keiser, Technogym and more. All of our machines are thoroughly inspected to ensure the best in quality.

We have assembled a world-class team of gym equipment experts: repair and rebuild technicians, installers, sales people, expert gym planners. Our team is second to none and just one of the great benefits you get by working with Primo Fitness.

Call us for our latest new and used fitness equipment acquisitions, our inventory changes regularly. Get the latest prices, a free quote or custom shipping pricing for orders shipped anywhere in the world.

Located in Santa Ana, Orange County, California we serve both local walk-in clients, local gyms and International customers worldwide. Call 714-957-2765 for immediate service.

New Gym Equipment Showroom

Our Santa Ana warehouse has been receiving so much foot traffic from people looking for gym equipment that we’ve decided to remodel our entire warehouse to make it more accommodating to our customers. If you’ve ever visited our warehouse before, you know that we’re never short on equipment but getting to a specific unit took a little bit of maneuvering. Sometimes customers would want to test out a gym machine that was in between other machines and it took a bit of time to move everything out of the way. In order to speed up the process and have our customers in and out more efficiently, we made a drastic change.


Through weeks of hard labor by our skilled staff, Primo Fitness created a showroom within our warehouse and organized equipment in a more logical fashion. When customers walk in, they are immediately greeted by our testing area. We have placed our most popular treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes and other cardio machines right at the entrance of our warehouse. They each have their own area and customers can try them one after another in order to compare the models directly.


All of our gym equipment is commercial grade so they are built drastically different from equipment found in retail stores. We wanted our customers to be able to feel the difference and the only way to do so was by allowing them to test out the units. Besides the difference in performance, commercial grade units are also much more durable than home units. They are designed to go 24 hours a day with hundreds of people using it so an individual won’t have much luck damaging it.


If you’re in the local Orange County area, we hope you can stop by and take a tour around our newly remodeled warehouse. We hope to see you here and help you on your path to fitness!


We are located at:

1909 S. Susan Street

Santa Ana, CA 92704

Hours:  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday

Why should you import fitness equipment?

If you run a fitness business overseas you’re probably asking yourself if it’s worth it to import fitness equipment all the way from the United States. International shipping is always going to be more complicated than domestic deals so would it really be worth it? There are dozens of exercise equipment manufacturers in every country so why do so many gyms and used equipment dealers import from us? We’ll break it down.


  1. There is much more commercial grade equipment in the United States.

Two of the top fitness brands worldwide are Precor and Life Fitness which are both based in the United States. Most of the commercial gyms in the USA are stocked with gym machines from these brands so there is a much higher inventory of it as opposed to other countries. American gyms also tend to rent their equipment on two to three year leases and trade in after that period. This creates a large market for used exercise equipment, allowing our company to buy at lower prices and pass the savings on to you.

  1. The equipment is generally higher quality

American brands like Precor and Life Fitness are well known all around the world for a valid reason, their equipment is only the highest quality. These companies design their machines to withstand an enormous amount of use from hundreds of people 24 hours a day. Their commercial grade models are built to be extremely durable which is why they cost thousands brand new. This is a great case of you get what you pay for. Fortunately, Primo Fitness is able to buy this equipment wholesale and we’re able to sell fitness equipment for over 70% off MSRP prices.

  1. We offer the lowest prices for the equipment

In many countries, the price for commercial grade fitness equipment is actually higher than importing it directly from us. This is because many commercial gyms cannot afford to buy brand new from the top brands so there is no local used market for the equipment. If equipment ends up in another country, it is generally because it was imported there. Since there is a middle man involved it is natural that the prices would be higher than directly importing the equipment from a US based company.

For more information on importing used gym equipment, visit our International Shipping Containers page!

Remanufactured Exercise Equipment

remanufactured Fitness Equipment

Primo Fitness primarily specializes in selling used exercise equipment, but that doesn’t mean that our equipment looks used. We have a team of highly skilled fitness equipment professionals that have been trained to Remanufacture all types of machines. Our technicians and mechanics have been certified by all the top commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.

Remanufacturing is a very broad and general term. When we say remanufactured fitness equipment, we mean that your equipment will look as close to brand new as a used machine can get. Not only will the exterior be redone, we go through every part inside the machine to make sure it’s running like how it came out of the box. A remanufactured gym machine will cost more than an as-is unit, but still significantly less than a brand new machine. Here’s what we do when we Remanufacture a machine:

  1. Machine is fully wiped down and cleaned

This is self-explanatory. We wipe down the machine with towels and clean any dirt or grime off the exterior of the machine. Our team will also clean off any rust if it is an older machine and make sure the machine looks aesthetically perfect.

  1. The machine is lubricated and oiled

We lubricate and oil every moving part in order to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

  1. All worn parts are replaced

This is where the bulk of the Remanufacturing work happens. All parts that have been worn down are replaced. This means that every moving part is replaced in order to ensure durability and extended use of the machine. Other parts that can be replaced are overlays, electronic sensors, running belt and motor drive belt on treadmills, belts, decks (waxed or replaced), frames, roller bearings, bushing, grips and decals. Shrouds are also replaced if they are damaged or cracked.

  1. Machine is powder-coated

Powder coating is essentially a much more durable and permanent way of painting. The molecules in a powder coat are very resistant to breaking down so the machines paint will not chip or wear down.

  1. Equipment is tested multiple times before shipping out

We will not only test out the basic functions, we will also check all the electronics and programming to ensure that they are working perfectly.

These are the steps involved in Remanufacturing used fitness equipment and getting them to look like new. Our team has been thoroughly trained to work with any machine so we can Remanufacture any model that we sell if you desire. Shop for remanufactured exercise equipment on our website!

Used Fitness Equipment – International Shipping

Interested in buying some of our used gym equipment to ship overseas but unsure of how the whole process works? We know this can be an extremely complicated process but with Primo Fitness, everything will be a breeze.


  1. The Order

With such a large amount of different products on the market, it can be intimidating knowing what to get and how much of it to buy. Luckily, we have highly skilled and knowledgeable sales representatives that know this equipment inside and out. They have put together dozens of gyms from all different sizes. They have also shipped a large quantity of containers overseas so they are informed of the customs and regulations required to get you your equipment.

A great resource to get a good idea of the type of equipment we have is our dealer inventory. It is updated weekly and has every single item we have in our warehouse.

After speaking to one of our sales representatives, you’ll have an exact idea of the best equipment you can get for your budget and space. We won’t just sell you the most expensive products; we’ll help you find the best equipment in the budget that you set. Once we determine your gym machines, we’ll figure out shipping and give you a sales estimate.

  1. The Shipment

Once the purchasing is done, you will work with our skilled logistics team to set up shipment. You have the option of using your own shipping services or leaving it up to us! We will ensure that everything arrives in perfect working condition.

We don’t just throw your equipment hastily into crates. We wrap it very carefully in shrink and bubble wrap so that your machines will not be damaged in shipping. View the pictures below for how our packaging works.

DSC_1489 DSC_1490 DSC_1491 DSC_1504 DSC_1505

  1. The Follow-Up

We don’t disappear on you after you’ve received your equipment. Once you purchase from us, you will always be a customer and we will do everything in our power to make sure that your purchase is everything you expected. We will follow-up with you to make sure that everything you received is in great working condition.

In the future, if any of the machines need maintenance, we have partners who will be able to provide you with parts for wholesale prices. We also have certified technicians on hand if you need advice, tutorials or troubleshooting.

If you have any questions at all about purchasing from us internationally, please contact us at“> or check out our Contact Us page for other ways to reach out to us!


Updates to Primo Fitness Website

We’ve made lots of changes to our website that some of you may not be aware of. We are constantly striving to improve the site, making it load quicker, adding new features and keeping everything fresh and new with tons of content. If you have any suggestions on improvements, please e-mail them to


Commercial Financing

Hands down, the most useful addition to our site is commercial leasing. We have partnered up with LeaseStation to bring commercial financing right to our website. The entire process is done online and only takes a minute. There has also been an algorithm placed on the site to show the low monthly payments of some of our equipment if they were financed!

It is a quick and painless process and you’ll know your results within a day. This is a wonderful opportunity for small businesses or businesses just starting up that need some quality used gym equipment.

Front Page Slideshow

This is pretty self explanatory. There is now a slideshow on our front page that displays our favorite used exercise equipment. The slideshow will be updated weekly as new and more beautiful merchandise arrives.

Complete Strength Lines

Strength equipment is our most popular and searched for equipment so we thought it would be useful to list out all the full lines we have. We have many of the most popular brands of strength in the fitness industry, including Life Fitness, Nautilus, Paramount, Hammer Strength, Technogym and more.

Make an Offer

Love our equipment but it just doesn’t quite fit in your budget? Or do you have a fitness machine that you must have but can’t find anyway? We offer fitness equipment requests through our Make An Offer page. Tell us your budget, what equipment you want and we’ll try to work with you to get you a great deal!

New Arrivals

We are constantly receiving new gym machines so we showcase some of our best products on our new arrival page! These machines are bought quickly so it’s best to contact us if you are interested.

These are just a few of our new changes. Explore our site to find more!

New Changes to the Primo Fitness Website

We here at Primo Fitness are always working to improve the website and do whatever it takes to make the user experience more intuitive and accommodating. We’ve listened to what you have suggested, analyzed the stats and data and made some changes to help you find what you need in a timely manner.

1. Added a translation tool

We pride ourselves on our international shipping abilities so it was long overdue to add a translation tool to our website. You can access it on the left side of every page right under the left panel menu. Using Google Translate, the tool translates the entire page into a variety of languages and it can easily be changed back to English.

2. Added a chat function

If you’ve noticed, at the bottom of every page there is a little chat widget that pops up inviting you to come chat with us. This isn’t just for show, there is actually a fitness equipment professional waiting on the other end, ready to answer all your fitness equipment questions. Whether it’s just a general question about ordering, specific details about a machine, what we have in stock, what we’re going to have in stock, we’ll basically answer any question and try our absolute best to help you out with our chat function.

3. Mobile Friendly Version of Website

There is no doubt that our site is a little Flash-y which may make it not function properly on iOS or just mobile phones in general. While it makes the user experience easier and more stylish on your desktop, some of the features may not work properly on your phone. In order to reach the mobile site, click View Mobile Site and your phone should switch you right over. We have even included easy one-click ways to call us and e-mail us through your phone!

4. Under $1000 Page

Getting brand name commercial grade gym equipment isn’t going to be the cheapest option in the world, but you are paying for quality and durability. Even so, purchasing used gym equipment that used to be in the gym doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many options well under $1000 so we’ve neatly compiled it into the Under $1000 section of our website (located under the SHOP dropdown menu).

These are just a few of the changes we’ve made so let us know what other features or fixes you want on the site!

5 reasons you should follow us on social media#

This may be an atypical blog post, but there is absolutely vital information on why you should follow Primo Fitness on social media. Not only are we your best and greatest option for used gym equipment, we’re also social butterflies consistently posting compelling content on your favorite social media sites. So let’s take a look at what you’ll get if you follow us.

1. Fun on Facebook

The big honcho of social media, the giant, so of course we’re on Facebook! You’ll find fascinating posts and pictures about fitness equipment, you’ll get to talk to us directly and send us cute messages that we’ll respond to and just be constantly updated on everything regarding the site and fitness equipment in general!

2. Trending on Twitter

Following us on Twitter will be your best bet to get instant updates right to your phone. We’re usually posting our timed specials on Twitter so try to stay on your toes because these flash sales end quickly.

3. Instagram straight flexin’

It would be foolish for Primo Fitness not to be in instagram, AKA the most beloved home of fit people. You’ll get exclusive pictures of our new shipments and fitness equipment from all the top brands in fitness like Precor, Life Fitness, Star Trac and more. Also if we see that you’re working hard on being fit and healthy, we might even shoot you a compliment on your pictures!

4. Parading on Pinterest

Our pins probably won’t help you plan your wedding, but it will help you get in great shape, possibly for your wedding. We post the best workouts from all across Pinterest and all the latest and greatest in gym equipment technology!

5. Google+


Without fail, new blog posts will always be posted on Google+ before any of our other social sites. Our Google+ page also has a ton of info on our physical location!

Make sure to follow us on everything and you’ll be more knowledgeable on fitness equipment, fitness in general and you’ll probably just overall be much happier.
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