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Train at Home for the Tustin Hangar Half Marathon & 5K

The Tustin Hangar Half Marathon and 5K (formerly known as the Leprechaun Leap 5K) is on Sunday, March 12, 2017. The Half Marathon will start at 7:00 a.m., with the 5K at 7:30 a.m., and best of all Primo Fitness is one of the presenting sponsors for the event! To celebrate the event, we at Primo Fitness  would like to offer all marathon participants a special discount on our “As Is” working condition FreeMotion Reflex T11.8 treadmills with $100 off the regular price. Take a look for yourself.

FreeMotion Reflex T11.8 Treadmill, used

FreeMotion Reflex T11.8 Treadmill

Training for a Marathon

Whether you are a veteran marathon runner or a first-timer, you should always train your body to be ready for the stress of running the multiple miles that are expected of you in a marathon. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect! This is especially true when it comes to running because your body needs to become use to the compressive and ground reaction forces on your musculoskeletal system while running, as well as the increased intensity of your breathing and heart rate. Your muscle and skeleton’s ability to bounce back depends much on your resiliency that builds up over time through proper training. To register for the Tustin Hangar Half Marathon & 5K click on the image below, and take advantage of the 20% off registration.

Benefits of Running on a Treadmill

While running outside gives you the experience of running against wind resistance, and helps you to get use to the terrain changes just like how you might experience in a marathon, there are still many advantages that running on a treadmill can bring you. Rain or shine you can always get a workout on a treadmill without having to walk, jog or run in stormy, cold or hot weather conditions.  There is no need to find an uphill cliff to run on if you can do that from the comfort of your own home by adjusting the incline options on your treadmill. Many people like to go outside and jog after they come home from work, but by that time it could already be dark outside, so for many people personal safety is a big concern, which running on a treadmill would certainly eliminate since you are either indoors in your home or in a gym. Another great advantage of using a treadmill is that you can watch TV while workout out. There is no need to miss your favorite shows because you want to stay in shape.

See These Machines and More at our Warehouse in Orange County, California

Local customers will enjoy walking in to browse our large collection of both used and new fitness equipment. We are happy to help those who need assistance deciding on the right equipment for their home or gym. International dealers, wholesalers and gym owners looking for the best prices and service are more than welcome to visit as well; we ship to all parts of the world. Our team members are prepared to help in putting together special gym packages that best suit their needs.

Come take advantage of our expert sales staff and their expertise with designing home and professional gyms with fitness equipment within your space and budget. Our team has over 100 years of combined fitness industry experience in all types of new and used gym equipment from repair and remanufacturing, to moving and installation, to what gear is best for your home, apartment complex or gym. You can also email us at or call with any questions at (714) 957-2765. However, we encourage you to come in person and see one for yourself.

We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5, as well as Saturday by appointment only. Our friendly and informed staff are ready to help you in any way regarding fitness equipment. We serve local fitness enthusiasts and gym owners from all over Southern California, from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles – and beyond. Come on by!


What is an Ergometer?

An ergometer is an exercise machine that tests the exertion exhibited by certain muscles or that keeps track of how much of a particular exercise has been done. It can also refer to certain exercise machines that allow someone to perform cardio exercises using the arms and legs while remaining in a stationary position.

Benefits of Using Ergometers

The benefits of using ergometers are the same as with using any other cardio workout equipment. The heart, lungs, bones and muscles all benefit from the use of ergometers. Stress release, weight loss, toning leg and arm muscles are a few examples of what an ergometer can do for you. Ergometers have been become popular in physical therapy for people who have physical disabilities like individuals that are confined to a wheelchair or those who are not physically capable of performing more conventional workouts.

Different Types of Ergometers

There are different types of ergometer machines, some of which only work out the arms, others that work out the legs, and some that do both at the same time.

Upper Extremity Ergometer

Upper Extremity Ergometer

If you’ve ever seen a physical therapist for an upper extremity injury such as, rotator cuff surgery or shoulder bursitis, proximal humerus fracture, radial head or elbow fracture, Colles or Smiths fracture, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, clavicle fracture, shoulder dislocation or labrum tear, chances are your physical therapist had you use an upper extremity ergometer to measure how much work your upper body muscles are doing. This is done by grasping the the handles and turning them in a circular motion. People that can also benefit from the upper extremity ergometer are individuals that can’t use their legs and still want to get a cardiovascular workout. Upper extremity machines have different settings to increase or decrease resistance. They also have an adjustable seat, and many allow you to use the machine while standing up. Examples of these are the SciFit Pro1000, SciFit Pro1 and Technogym Excite UBE.


Lower Extremity Ergometer

Lower Extremity Ergometer

A lower extremity ergometer is pretty much the opposite of a upper extremity ergometer. A lower extremity ergometer focuses on the lower body muscles like the gluteus maximus and the hamstrings through the use of pedaling while increasing or decreasing resistance. Physical therapists usually have their patients exercise on a lower extremity ergometer if they have sustained a lower body injury. Lower extremity ergometer helps patients regain range of motion and strength in their lower body. People that have lost the use of their arms can also benefit from the lower extremity ergometer to get a cardiovascular workout. Lower extremity ergometers usually have handle bars for the user to hold on to while using the machine.

Dual Extremity Ergometer

Dual Extremity Ergometer

Dual extremity ergometers work the upper and lower body through resistance by using your legs and arms in the same way the upper extremity and lower extremity ergometers are used. People that have trouble standing can benefit from this machine since it is a total body workout that can be done while being seated.

See These Machines and More at our Warehouse in Orange County, California

Local customers will enjoy walking in to browse our large collection of both used and new fitness equipment. We are happy to help those who need assistance deciding on the right equipment for their home or gym. International dealers, wholesalers and gym owners looking for the best prices and service are more than welcome to visit as well; we ship to all parts of the world. Our team members are prepared to help in putting together special gym packages that best suit their needs.

Come take advantage of our expert sales staff and their expertise with designing home and professional gyms with fitness equipment within your space and budget. Our team has over 100 years of combined fitness industry experience in all types of new and used gym equipment from repair and remanufacturing, to moving and installation, to what gear is best for your home, apartment complex or gym. You can also email us at or call with any questions at (714) 957-2765. However, we encourage you to come in person and see one for yourself.

We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5, as well as Saturday by appointment only. Our friendly and informed staff are ready to help you in any way regarding fitness equipment. We serve local fitness enthusiasts and gym owners from all over Southern California, from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles – and beyond. Come on by!

What are the different types of exercise bikes?

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes come in many different forms and have different benefits.

An exercise bike is a versatile cardio machine that makes a great first choice for a home gym. It offers several benefits, such as affordable cost, limited space usage, and multitasking capability. Exercise bikes generally fall under three groups: upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor cycles. It’s important to take into account what each exercise bike offers before deciding on one.

Upright Bikes

Out of the three main types of exercise bike, the upright bike most resembles riding a classic bicycle. The pedals are aligned under the user’s feet, while the seat supports the user’s weight. In addition to cardio and lower body, some upright bikes engage the core and upper body muscles. The user’s core must keep the body upright, while arms are engaged with special moving handlebars. Upright bikes do tend to leave their users with soreness on the rear and back. They typically have the smallest footprint thanks to their minimal design, and are easier to transport. Some models come with customizations such as TV’s that require electricity. Popular models include the Life Fitness Integrity and Precor 846i Experience upright bikes.

Recumbent Bikes

The recumbent bike’s main trait is its recline design. The seat is more of a chair that allows the user to lean back comfortably, and its pedals are in front of the user’s feet instead of below.  This type of fitness bike gives the rider the most support. Handlebars are also at the sides instead of the front. This design helps reduce stress on joints. Like upright bikes, recumbent bikes can be outfitted with extra features such as monitors and TV’s. Recumbent bikes usually offer the lowest intensity workout and fewest engaged muscle groups, but are the most helpful for those with back/knee problems or recovering from injury. The Technogym 700 Excite and Life Fitness 95R Inspire recumbent bikes are examples of this type.

Indoor Cycles

Indoor cycles are somewhat similar to upright bikes, but with a few differences. Their handlebars are farther away from the seat, shifting riders forward. Indoor cycles even allow users to stand while cycling, engaging more muscle groups in the process. As a result, indoor cycles tend to promote the most calorie burn from all the exercise bikes. Indoor cycles usually lack certain features such as heart monitors. This does allow indoor cycles to run without electricity. Gyms and fitness clubs frequently use indoor cycles in spin cycle classes, such as the Keiser M3+ and Star Trac Spinner Blade.

Fan or Air Bike

Another category of exercise bike is the fan or air bike. Some classify this type as an upright bike or indoor cycle, but it’s unique design deserves a classification of its own. It works with wind resistance; the harder you pedal, the harder the resistance. This type is the only style that has moveable arms. Upper and lower body workouts can be done independently or simultaneously. Examples of this type are the Schwinn Airdyne and Star Trac Turbo Trainer.

Which Exercise Bike is Best for You?

Ultimately, the best exercise bike is the one that you most enjoy using. Having fun while using your bike will make it more likely you use it and improve your fitness. At Primo Fitness, we carry all types of these exercise bikes in our warehouse! We encourage you to try our bikes for yourself; our sales team can help in picking the best one to fit your budget and goals.

Top 5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

New Year's Resolutions List

This New Year give yourself the gift of fitness and a healthier you!

New Year’s Resolutions are always trending at the start of a new year. Improved health is usually one of the primary categories these fall under. Better health resolutions can include losing weight, eating better, or dropping a bad habit. However, people typically have not been so good at keeping them, with over 80% failing. To succeed against such odds, it’s important to understand why New Year’s Resolutions fail in the first place.

1. Unclear goals

New Year’s Resolutions are often created rather vaguely. If a resolution is too basic such as losing weight, then it will likely fail with little way to measure progress. Framing a goal with defined markers of time and progress is a great first step in making a resolution. Losing 10 pounds in a month is a good example. It provides a goal that is measureable yet not unrealistic. A specific and attainable resolution makes it easier to focus your efforts.

2. Lack of strategy

It’s easy to fantasize when our goals are achieved, but it’s much harder to put a process in place to accomplish them. For losing 10 pounds in a month, strategies could include going to the gym 3 times a week, or limiting desserts to once a week. Again, a clear plan can guide how you make a resolution become reality.

3. Giving up too early

Failures will happen along the way. Too often however, people will use a setback as an excuse to give up entirely. Missing a day in your resolution’s timetable just calls for greater dedication. It’s okay if you don’t quite meet a certain goal your resolution calls for. Even if you didn’t quite lose 10 pounds in a month, it is worth celebrating those seven you did lose. Standards are meant to be bars to aim for, not restraints to prevent us from our goals.

4. No accountability

If you’re the only one holding yourself accountable, chances are you won’t get far on your resolutions. Instead, try including an accountability partner. A partner can call you out when you’re slacking, encourage when you’re struggling, or even tag along your workout and get reps in.

5. Lacking the means to meet New Year’s Resolutions

If your New Year’s Resolutions aren’t taking off due to lacking proper equipment, we can help with that! Our fitness equipment is durable and affordable. Whether it’s strength or cardio you’re after, we’ll have the right machine for your goals.

Local, walk-in clients and gyms are welcome to visit our brand new 10,000 square foot fitness equipment showroom within our 100,000 square foot warehouse. We have very competitive prices on the highest quality new and used fitness equipment. Or if you are not in the local Southern California area, call us at 1-714-957-2765 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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Inside the new fitness equipment warehouse

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Visit our Orange County, California warehouse

Local customers will enjoy walking in to browse our large collection of both used and new fitness equipment. We are happy to help those who need assistance deciding on right equipment for their home or gym. International dealers, wholesales and gym owners looking for the best prices and service are more than welcome to visit as well; we ship to all parts of the world. Our team members are prepared to help in putting together special gym packages that best suit their needs.

Come take advantage of our expert sales staff and their expertise with designing home and professional gyms with fitness equipment within your space and budget. Our team has over 100 years of combined fitness industry experience in all types of new and used gym equipment from repair and remanufacturing to moving and installating to what gear is best for your home, apartment complex or gym. You can also email or call with any questions. However, we encourage you to come in person and see if for yourself.

We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5, as well as Saturday by appointment only. Our friendly and informed staff are ready to help you in any way regarding fitness equipment. We serve local fitness enthusiasts and gym owners from all over Southern California, from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles – and beyond. Come on by!

Fitness Equipment Warehouse Santa Ana, CA

Check out our NEW Fitness Equipment Showroom!

We’ve recently moved to a larger warehouse next door to our old one. Our new address is 1909 S. Susan Street, Santa Ana, California 92704. One of the most significant features in this location is the new and improved showroom. With our expanded space, we can now house more fitness equipment under one roof, and show a variety of both cardio and strength pieces. Here are some reasons to check out our warehouse’s showroom.

Anything you’re looking for is here

Our showroom is absolutely massive, with 10,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to gym equipment. No other wholesaler or dealer can offer the same variety and depth of fitness equipment as we can. We carry treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, steppers, strength equipment, multi-gyms, dumbbells, accessories and so much more. If you’re looking for any particular piece of gym equipment, chances are we have it!

Everyone is welcome

Our showroom is open to anyone looking to purchase gym equipment. Whether it’s locals who just want to walk in and chat with an expert about the right pieces for their home, or for international clients who want to furnish a large scale project, we are ready and able to help find the best fitness equipment for the task. We also supply dealers worldwide with fitness equipment at wholesale prices.

Industry leading support and service

All of our equipment is backed by our expert knowledge and service. Our staff has years of experience in the fitness industry and will gladly answer any question you might have. Primo Fitness's team of mechanics go through each and every machine for quality assurance, and we will never sell any machine that doesn’t meet our standards. We have made several current videos contain further information on the value our equipment brings to the table, and are also currently working on a video that will provide a tour of our warehouse.

Come by our showroom and see for yourself. We know you will enjoy the visit!

used fitness equipment for sale

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Used Gym Equipment Store Santa Ana California

Come and check out our brand new, larger facility in Orange County, California! We have the largest selection of new and used fitness equipment for local walk-in customers and our U.S. and international customers.

How to Practice Healthy Holiday Habits

holiday jogging

Jogging can help burn calories during the holiday season

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and Christmas and New Year’s not far behind, the holiday season is a great time to destress. It is too easy to relax with the abundance of food. Perhaps now more than any other time of the year is when carefully-laid diet and exercise plans are ruined. Despite this, it is still possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this time.

Don’t skip meals before a holiday feast

While it might seem smart to pass on breakfast to eat more later, this actually has a negative impact on metabolism. If the body skips meals, it is more prone to overeating when food is available. In addition, this causes the body to tap into energy reserves in muscles and lowers blood sugar levels, draining energy and thinking ability. Eat a light breakfast that includes protein and whole wheats before a feast. This will keep the body satisfied until the big meal.

Eat slowly and properly

During the holidays the temptation to overeat is rarely higher. Getting smaller initial portions and chewing slowly can cause the body to feel full sooner. Instead of eating a second helping, those leftovers will be better off as a later meal.

Limit consumption of fats and sugars

It’s understandable to want to enjoy a traditional holiday meal. Simple preparation changes can allow holiday meals to be eaten with less guilt. For instance, try fat free chicken broth when cooking turkey, or reduce the amount of oil and butter in recipes. Even these small changes can make a difference.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is important everyday, but it becomes even valuable during the holidays. It’s a great way to stop overeating by satisfying the body faster. Drinking enough water also helps limit drinking other beverages such as champagne and eggnog.

Engage in some exercise

Getting some exercise during the holidays helps in maintaining a healthy weight. A leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or tossing a football around will help burn calories after a hearty meal. This is even better if the whole family joins. Another option is the Turkey Trot; many communities offer this on Thanksgiving to help burn calories before the big meal. Even chores such as raking leaves or cleaning the dishes after meals can be helpful.

The holidays are a time to enjoy family, friends, and food. By making the right choices, they don’t have to ruin your fitness goals. Instead of slacking off and making a New Year’s resolution to do better next year, end the year on a high note for your health.

How to avoid the “Freshman 15”

Starting college can be one of the most exciting times of a young person’s life, but can also be one of the most stressful. Often this stress manifests itself in the “Freshman 15.” While the 15 pounds gained is typically an exaggeration, there is still the threat of this weight gain adversely affecting not only student performance, but also in the years following college. Fortunately, simple steps can be taken to avert this potential problem.

Watch your diet

With how many campus dining halls are designed, it is all too easy to overeat, especially on high calorie junk food. Instead, try eating smaller meals throughout the day, with more of an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and multi-grain carbs. Drinking water is much preferred over soda or alcohol, as these two drinks are loaded with empty calories. Another potential problem is “social eating,” or simply eating to be with other people. While this can be a healthy way to develop friendships, if unchecked, can easily snowball into overeating. It is important to be mindful of how much you are eating during these times.

Get proper sleep

It will probably be harder than ever before to get enough sleep with coursework and other priorities, but getting enough sleep remains vital. Lack of sleep has severe effects on students, from lack of energy to decreased metabolism, prime conditions for weight gain. At the same time, oversleeping has been to know to contribute to future weight gain. Around 6-8 hours of quality sleep is the optimal level for college students.

Stay physically active

Even high school athletes can quickly find themselves gaining weight if they don’t maintain an active lifestyle. However, colleges offer many resources to aid in a healthy student lifestyle. The student fitness center is a great place to workout, join a fitness class, or participate in an intramural sports league. It can also be a great way to meet friends who will help in staying motivated. Even small efforts to get active such as taking the stairs or taking a bike across campus can be helpful.

Use your school’s health facilities

Typically including in tuition costs, school health centers usually have trained health professionals such as dieticians that would be more than happy to assist. These services can include forming dietary plans or stress counseling.  Health centers also have informative health brochures, and some even offer services such as vaccinations. By having these professional resources available, it will be much easier to accomplish your health goals throughout the semester.

College is meant to be a place for young adults to gain knowledge, not weight. By being diligent in improving your physical health, it will be much easier to focus on academic performance, and at graduation, a degree won’t be the only thing you take with you..


How you can train like an Olympian

File:Olympic Rings.svg

The 2016 Olympics  in Rio is an event that will showcase the world’s best athletes. These athletes have spent countless hours refining their skills, sharpening their bodies and minds to their maximum potential. And while most people might not be able to attain an Olympian’s physique, there are various principles you can incorporate from an Olympic training regimen to improve yourself.

Eat a healthy balanced diet.
While it’s a tall task to match the caloric intake of an Olympian such as Michael Phelps, who famously consumes over 6,000 each day, the kinds of foods he eats can be a good model for a diet to take up. Generally, fruits, vegetables, lean protein such as chicken, and healthy fats such as those found in fish and nuts are the types of foods to target. Drinking water throughout the day (and sports drinks to replenish electrolytes during intense workouts) is also important to replace lost fluids.

Sleep on time.
When working out, top athletes usually aim to get around 8-10 hours of quality, restful sleep. Quality sleep not only helps repair tired muscles, but also ensures sharper focus.  Early to bed and early to rise is the key, especially since waking up early in the day offers the double benefit of getting your workout early in the day, which is a great way to start the day. If you can fit them in your schedule, short naps less than an hour long can also be rejuvenating after a workout.

Don’t let your routine get stale.
Even the best Olympians don’t solely focus on drills directly relating to their sport. Basketball players for instance, incorporate various exercises in the gym to supplement their shooting, passing, and dribbling drills. By changing up workout routines, your body is focus to adjust and is challenged more than by just sticking to one routine. Furthermore, it can be more fun to try different exercises and can boost your willingness to push yourself to do your best.

Prepare mentally

For Olympians, competition is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Many incorporate various rituals that help pump them up for the big day, such as reading and listening to music. Having a specific routine can also your big workout a similar boost. As Olympians prepare for events years in the making, they create goal-oriented plans to help map out what they want to accomplish. Similarly, by devising a plan, you can maximize the direction your workouts take you.

Work with others who share your goals.

It’s no surprise that Olympians who train together as a team bring out the best of each other in competition, whether they are in gymnastics, rowing, or track. Even rivals competing against each other have been known to train together in preparation for a big event. Similarly, getting a team or even one person who shares in your fitness can be a big boost in motivation and confidence for all involved.

While various physical attributes may put Olympians in a position to be able to compete on the world stage, it is their work and discipline that will decide who proves to be the best. In the same way, implementing such ideals can go a long way for anyone looking to accomplish their goals.


Last Minute Father’s Day Fitness Gifts

This weekend is Father’s Day and is certainly one of the best times to get dear old Dad a gift he’ll love. But instead of getting another ordinary necktie or mug, consider giving him  a gift that will help better his health. While it might be a bit harder to guarantee that heavy duty piece of fitness equipment will make it to your door by Sunday, there are plenty of other last minute gifts that will encourage your dad to get in better shape.


  1. Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers have swelled in popularity recently, and a big part of it is the functionality they provide. These bands track a variety of health measurements, but the most common of them are heart rate, steps taken, and sleep quality, with other features usually included such as GPS and notifications.  FitBit, Garmin, and Nike are just a few of the brands that retail trackers, so there’s bound to be one Dad will love.

resistance band

2. Resistance Band

A resistance band is a flexible piece of equipment known for its ease of use. It enables a wide variety of exercises simply by utilizing it with the user’s body weight or with heavy, stable objects. With so many exercises available,  Resistance bands are portable as well, so Dad can take it with him to stay in shape on a business trip.  

gym towels

3. Towel

Whether Dad likes to workout at home or the gym, either way he will probably end up sweating up a storm. A specially designed fitness towel will let Dad wipe himself off when he gets too sweaty. When looking for which towel to get, the best ones offer some combination of moisture absorption, odor protection, and cooling properties. It’s these kinds of features that Dad will appreciate the next time he reaches for his towel after a workout.


4. Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are great in that they activate so many muscle groups on the body. At the same time, the rowing machine’s low impact nature means less pressure on user joints. They are typically compact, which makes them easy to store and transport. and are available at almost any fitness retailer.


5. Punching Bag

Is Dad often stressed out after a long day in the office? Let him blow off some steam by doing work on a punching bag. It will provide him a great way to vent while providing a cardio workout at the same time.

Any of these gifts would be a great gift for the fitness conscious father. This Father’s Day,  consider giving Dad something that will help him be his best.


The Best Cardio Machine For You

Cardio Blog Composite

A cardio machine is an excellent addition to a home gym, as it provides a way to get much needed cardio exercise without having to go outside. With so many different kinds of machines available, it can be a challenge deciding which one to run with. While we’ve recently looked at the benefits of treadmills in a previous post, ellipticals and stationary bikes are also viable options to be considered. Here is an evaluation on how each of these cardio machines stack up.  


Cardio Blog 1  


  • Treadmills  offer plenty of options for users to customize their workouts, such as incline, speed, and specific training programs.
  • Replicate a natural form of running, so they have little to no learning curve.
  • Promote the most calorie burn compared to other cardio machines.
  • The high impact nature of a treadmill helps in promoting bone strength.


  • Since a treadmill is high-impact, it can be potentially harmful on those with weak joints and ligaments.
  • Treadmills require little involvement from the upper body, so these muscle groups aren’t engaged.
  • Usually bulky and difficult to fit into tighter spaces
  • Treadmills usually cost more, and this goes up with their various additional features.


Cardio Blog 3


  • Involve the upper body in its movement, so these muscle groups are active alongside the lower body.
  • Low impact, making it desirable for those with weaker joints.
  • Can be run in reverse, allowing it to target more lower body muscles than other machines.
  • Users often perceive that they are not working too hard, but in reality their bodies are working harder than they think they are.


  • Not quite as beginner friendly as other machines, as the upper and lower body motions in unison might be a little tricky at first.
  • With less impact, it also means bones aren’t as strengthened as other machines.
  • The motion ellipticals require is not typically used in everyday life.
  • The spacing of elliptical steps might not fit well with a shorter or taller person’s stride.

Stationary Bikes Cardio Blog 3


  • Takes up less room than other machines, so it can be more easily placed in areas with less space.
  • Usually regarded as the most comfortable, with different seating options depending on the model.
  • Users control how fast the bike works, which makes it a safer option than other machines.
  • Zero impact exercise, so they can be good choice for those recovering from injuries as many models offer support designed to help parts like the back and ankles


  • Bikes usually offer the least amount of calorie burn, partly due to no involvement from the upper body
  • Bikes force the majority of their stress on the knee, which is a common area for troublesome joints
  • Being in a seated position for a while can wind up making your rear end sore.
  • Improper form can actually harm user ability to use bikes effectively.

In the end, these are just a few of the factors to considering when picking out the ideal cardio machine, and the best cardio machine is the one that you like using the most and will thus encourage you to use it to improve your cardio. If you have any questions, our team is more than happy to answer any questions you might have!


How to Exercise in Hot Weather


With summer approaching, the weather is warming up and many people are taking their workouts outdoors. Exercising outdoors can be a fun and rewarding experience but when the temperature starts to rise it is important to remember extra risks that come with it. We have compiled some tips that will help you safely work out in the warm weather.

  1. Dial back your workout when you’re starting out

Remember that you will not be able to perform as long or as intensely as you normally could indoors. Your body has to expend extra energy to cool down in the heat and is more prone to heat-stroke. When you’re first starting to work out in the sun, dial back your routine to be shorter and lower intensity. Like with any type of activity, you can slowly increase your workouts in order to acclimate to the higher temperatures.

  1. Dress appropriately

Gyms usually have air conditioning on, but it is different outdoors. It is essential to dress properly to deal with the heat. The keyword for clothing is light, both in fit and color. This will help keep your body cool by allowing better air circulation over your body as well as reflecting sunlight.  Dark colored clothing absorbs more sunlight, which will increase your body temperature and leave you more prone to heat related injuries.

  1. Keep hydrated

Proper hydration is one of the best ways to maximize the workout efficiency in the heat. Thirst is not a good indicator of when to drink, as the body is already getting dehydrated at that point. Drink water plentifully before the workout. Six to eight ounces of every 15 minutes as you exercise is a good baseline of how much to drink. The body also loses salt and minerals sweating, so a sports beverage can help in replenishing them. Don’t completely replace water for these however, as these have more calories and sugar. For short sessions water alone will be sufficient.  

  1. Protect yourself from the sun

Being out in the sun means you are more vulnerable to sunburn. Not only is it painful and damaging to the skin, it also weakens the body’s ability to cool itself and retain fluids.  In addition to light clothing, sunscreen of at least SPF 15, sunglasses with UV protection, and appropriate head wear will help reduce the risk of sunburn.

  1. Avoid the hottest parts of the day

Try to limit your workout to morning and early evening hours, when the sun is not at its peak. This will also help to keep the temperature of hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete down.  



Tips on Buying a Used Treadmill

Don’t dread the tread(mill)

Ask someone to name a piece of gym equipment and they’ll probably name the treadmill. There is no modern image of fitness more tired and true than a person running in the gym on a treadmill. The first consumer treadmill designed for home use was developed in the late 1960s and ever since then, the treadmill has become a staple of American fitness.

Modern gyms are beginning to look like the set of Star Trek, with touchscreens, LCD TVs and alien looking machines abundant; but the treadmill, minus a few bells and whistles added to the consoles, has stayed fundamentally the same. This is because the treadmill simply gets the job done in a variety of ways. The best way to buy an affordable used treadmill, that will last, is to buy one from a used gym equipment supplier, such as Primo Fitness!

Benefits of a treadmill:

1.       Ease of Use

First, the treadmill is extremely simple to use. People instinctively know how to walk and run, so there is no learning curve required to use the machine. Treadmills may differ cosmetically and internally, but once a person has used one, they can use them all. They also do not require adjustments to the machine itself for different people. Once someone hops off, someone else can hop on and immediately begin their workout. The simplicity is what draws many to the treadmill.

2.       Calorie Burning

Statistically, running at top speeds will burn the most calories per hour. Running at an 8.5 minute mile rate can burn 679 calories per hour for a smaller person and 940 calories for a larger person. This is compared to cycling at a moderate 12-14 mph pace, which will burn 472 calories per hour for a smaller person and 654 for a larger person. If weight loss is a person’s fitness goal, running on the treadmill is one of the most efficient ways to melt away the pounds.

3.       Consistency, convenience and safety

Some users may dislike the treadmill and deem it as boring, but this consistency and predictability is highly beneficial for a workout. Running outside can be risky as running over random curbs, cracks, holes or errant banana peels can lead to serious injury. Other hazards such as cars and innocent bystanders are also eliminated by running on a stationary treadmill. Treadmills allow for smooth continuous running in the convenience of your home or gym, so users are free to run regardless of weather. Also, it is quite difficult to run around the block with a TV strapped to your head, so alternatively, many treadmills have the option of attaching a screen so you can enjoy your sitcoms while burning some fat.

4.       Customizing and progress checking

Essentially every maker of treadmills, whether they are Precor, Star Trac or Life Fitness, equips their machines with a console. These consoles can control various aspects of the machine, such as speed and incline. Many newer treadmills also come with pre-programmed workout routines for a variety of different fitness goals. Both beginners and seasoned veterans can reap the full benefits of working out on a treadmill. These consoles generally also come with trackers that can determine exactly how far a person has run, how many calories they have burned and even what their heart rate was. This allows users to easily track their progress and follow a goal-oriented routine.

What to look for when buying a treadmill

There are dozens of treadmills on the market, so choosing one can be overwhelming. Here are a few factors to consider.

1.        Brand

The top brands are generally the top brands for a reason. Life Fitness, Precor and Star Trac are some of the most recognized and best names when it comes to treadmills. Choosing a treadmill from one of these brands will generally ensure that you will receive a top quality and durable machine.

2.       Commercial or Residential?

The decision of buying commercial or residential is highly dependent on your budget. If you’re thinking of purchasing a residential unit, your cost will generally be lower but these units are generally less durable than commercial units. When buying a used treadmill, it is suggested to go for a commercial unit, because they are built to run 24/7, there will be no issues in a one or two runner household. Buying a used treadmill generally saves you half off of MSRP.

3.       Make and Model

There are hundreds of different types of models of treadmills out there so it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose one. An easier method would be to figure out what features are most important, such as a touchscreen, different workout routines, incline or decline options, etc. If you’re not sure what you want, feel free to ask the salesperson for their suggestions.

At the end of the day, the best technique to decide which treadmill you want is by taking it for a test run. There are many different options out there, so if you’re looking to find the right path to fitness, feel free to ask one of our Primo Primo Fitness for their treadmill suggestions.

Difference between the Keiser M3 and M3+ (Plus) Indoor Cycle


We have received a new shipment of the incredibly popular Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycles. Unlike our last shipment, you may have noticed that these are the M3+ (Plus) instead of the regular editions. When consumers are looking to purchase a new Keiser indoor cycle, it is important to know the difference between the two because pricing on the two different models also varies.

The one and only difference between the two models is that the Plus has adjustable handlebars. Fortunately the seat is adjustable on both so you might be able to manage with the regular edition if that is the only one you can find. Both bikes have the magnetic drive, the monitor, the water bottle holder among other features.

Technogym Synchro 700 Excite Review with touchscreen console

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and the fitness industry isn’t immune to this trend. Technogym, as their name implies, prides themselves on their cutting edge gym equipment loaded with the latest technology. One of their defining models is their Tehcnogym Synchro 700 Excite elliptical crosstrainer. While there are many commercial grade elliptical on the market, Technogym separates itself from the pack with the latest in gym and entertainment technology.


The Technogym Excite 700 elliptical is powered by a rear drive trajectory and belt driven system that ensures a smooth and impact-free movement which is the main draw of the elliptical. Treadmills are high impact machines and can put strain on the joints if used frequently, so an elliptical is a great low-impact choice for cardiovascular exercise. Compared to other elliptical crosstrainers, you’ll notice that the two platforms where your foot rest are fairly close together. Technogym has designed the Excite 700 this way in order to ensure a natural posture.


Technogym has also engineered their elliptical to be accommodating to users of all fitness levels. The difficulty level can be easily adjusted with the Fast Track Control which is independent from the display. The resistance levels are adjusted manually by two buttons on the elliptical. There are 25 different difficulty levels so any user can reap the full benefits of working out on this elliptical. The Technogym 700 Excite also comes with built in fitness programs such as quick start, CHR, training zone, weight loss and customizable profiles.


The display on our Synchro 700 Excite elliptical crosstrainers are the latest from Technogym. These consoles are fully touchscreen with a plethora of features and options. Most importantly, the display has all the essential readouts such as heart-rate and calories burned. There is a heart-rate monitor built right into the handgrip to track progress. This console is also Wellness compatible meaning that users can watch TV, control his/her iPod or even listen to the radio while working out.


This is a top of the line cutting edge elliptical crosstrainer that not only delivers optimal performance but the latest in technology. We have a few of these units available for sale at the blowout price of $699. There is no more affordable option if you want a neat little touchscreen built into your commercial grade elliptical. The Technogym 700 Excite Synchro elliptical crosstrainer is a great choice for users of all levels.

New Gym Equipment Showroom

Our Santa Ana warehouse has been receiving so much foot traffic from people looking for gym equipment that we’ve decided to remodel our entire warehouse to make it more accommodating to our customers. If you’ve ever visited our warehouse before, you know that we’re never short on equipment but getting to a specific unit took a little bit of maneuvering. Sometimes customers would want to test out a gym machine that was in between other machines and it took a bit of time to move everything out of the way. In order to speed up the process and have our customers in and out more efficiently, we made a drastic change.


Through weeks of hard labor by our skilled staff, Primo Fitness created a showroom within our warehouse and organized equipment in a more logical fashion. When customers walk in, they are immediately greeted by our testing area. We have placed our most popular treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes and other cardio machines right at the entrance of our warehouse. They each have their own area and customers can try them one after another in order to compare the models directly.


All of our gym equipment is commercial grade so they are built drastically different from equipment found in retail stores. We wanted our customers to be able to feel the difference and the only way to do so was by allowing them to test out the units. Besides the difference in performance, commercial grade units are also much more durable than home units. They are designed to go 24 hours a day with hundreds of people using it so an individual won’t have much luck damaging it.


If you’re in the local Orange County area, we hope you can stop by and take a tour around our newly remodeled warehouse. We hope to see you here and help you on your path to fitness!


We are located at:

1909 S. Susan Street

Santa Ana, CA 92704

Hours:  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday

Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle Review

It’s 2016 and indoor stationary cycles are more popular than ever. January brought an influx of new users to spin classes and it looks like they’re sticking around. If you want to take the excitement of those classes home, there is no better option than top purchase an indoor cycle. Today we will be reviewing the latest generation Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle.


Lemond continues to be a leader in group cycles and the next generation Revmaster Pro drastically improves upon the original. The silhouette of the bike has been modified to more closely resemble a road bike as opposed to the straight angular design of the first Lemond Revmaster bicycles. This is accomplished because the bike is designed with a narrower crank to replicate the geometry of a quality road bike.

The new Next Generation X-Frame also improves upon the adjustability of the bike. While in riding position, the user has access to all seat, height and handlebar adjustments. The bottom bracket catridge also has a two piece design for modular service.  There are also new Cam handles located in the front of the Lemond Revmaster. They are comfortable and easy to use and offer quicker on-the-fly adjustments without the difficulties associated with threaded handles and pop-pins. These additions have increased the adjustment range of the bike which allows for a better and more comfortable fit. The seat is also easily exchanged for more riding options to fit personal preferences.

This is a commercial grade indoor cycle so it is definitely built to last and withstand punishment. There is improved corrosion resistance thanks to the new electrolytic nickel plating which is stronger than stainless steel. The fender also has integrated brake assembly which provides improved braking and also functions as a moisture guard. While most indoor cycles are chain driven, the Lemond Revmaster Pro utilizes a Kevlar belt instead. This reduces the amount of noise and there is essentially no maintenance because it does not need to be oiled and does not stretch.

The Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle was created for users of all fitness levels. It is simple to create an optimized workout with the brake and resistance features of the bicycle. The resistance knob adjusts easily to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. Pressing down on the knob also activates the brakes for a safe workout. There are micro turn adjustments in order to create smooth transitions to higher resistance levels on the fly.

If you’re looking for a high end modern indoor cycle the Lemond Revmaster Pro is a great option. It is aesthetically pleasing with its modern road bike-like design and has all the features you would expect from a recent indoor cycle. Ours also have a fitness monitor attached to track your progress during a workout. Contact Primo Fitness for more details about this bike.

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