Customize Your Gym Equipment

Did you ever wish you could pick the color theme of your gym facility and fitness equipment?

You can! We are experts in transforming used machines into ones that are remanufactured in the custom colors you want, even adding your logo. In fact, you will save a ton of money buying used equipment versus buying new. Our machines are commercial grade, the same one that you see in gyms all over the world. We can powder coat the equipment frames, paint the frames, pads and shrouds any color you want, paint designs on the equipment and we can customize the upholstery  with your company logo as well.

See the pictures of past projects to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Custom Upholstery Fabrics

Custom Frame Colors

Custom Shroud Colors


Beyond Factory Original!

This is a custom black frame, black shroud and carbon fiber-style red fabric done completely in house. The sky’s the limit so let your imagination run free and give us a call.


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