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Cybex 550T Treadmill Review

We previously wrote a review on the Cybex 530T treadmill as part of our Black Friday specials and now we are moving on to the next iteration of Cybex treadmills, the Cybex 550T treadmill. Similar to the 530T, these treadmills are also commercial grade and built to endure heavy commercial gym level usage. Unlike other commercial grade treadmills though, the Cybex 550T treadmill is actually quite compact in both height and width. This makes it a great unit for home since it does not take up much floor space. There are many great features to this treadmill so we’ll go through each component.



The compact size of this treadmill makes it look very low and clean, like a sports car you can run on. The reduced size also means that there is a low step-up which is great for new exercisers or people with lower mobility. The key to the Cybex 550T treadmill’s great design is its emphasis on minimalism. There are not a lot of protruding parts or unnecessary bells and whistles cluttering up the design of the treadmill.


Just because the 550T is accessible to the rookie exerciser does not mean that it does not come equipped to satisfy even the most experienced of runners. The treadmill comes equipped with a variety of different programs that can be changed on the fly. If you want to raise or lower the intensity of your current workout, you can do so without restarting the entire workout. The console comes programmed with seven different exercise programs.


The Cybex 550T comes equipped with a split level display that allows users to use what they want and when. The split level display has two different levels. The lower level displays time, speed and incline which is constantly visible. Other information that can be viewed on the console include distance, calories, calories/hour, pace, METs and heart rate.

Other Features:

This treadmill also comes with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller. What this does is basically uses digital feedback for high-speed stability and constant speed control to create a smooth running experience. If you’re worried this will rack up your electricity bill, luckily the treadmill also maxims effectiveness for economical power consumption.

The 550T treadmill has been perfectly designed to optimize a runner’s stride. Its running deck is soft at landing, hard in the middle and rigid at toe-off to imitate the precise body mechanics of a runner. All Cybex machines also come equipped with the Safety Sentry, which can determine if a runner is actually on the treadmill or not and will stop the belt after a pre-selected waiting period to help ensure that members are safe and secure.


Cybex does it again with another great addition to their treadmill line. You will not be able to find another commercial grade treadmill this compact, durable and effective at this price point. We cannot speak for our competitors but we’re selling this treadmill for $499 which is 90% off MSRP! To learn more about this treadmill, visit the Cybex 550T treadmill page on our website.

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