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Below are the Cybex Classic strength sets we have available. Pictures of the various machines are shown following the lists. We sell them as is, working condition and complete (no missing parts). If you are interested in like new, refurbished/remanufactured condition, we are able to customize the colors of the frames and padding for an additional fee. Contact us to discuss your needs today!

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Cybex Classic
18 Piece Gym Package #1

  1. Abdominal Crunch
  2. Arm Curl
  3. Back Extension
  4. Chest Press
  5. Fly
  6. Hip Abduction
  7. Hip Adduction
  8. Horizontal Leg Press
  9. Lat Pulldown
  10. Lateral Raise
  11. Leg Extension
  12. Multi Hip
  13. Rotary Torso
  14. Row
  15. Seated Leg Curl
  16. Shoulder Press
  17. Standing Calf Raise
  18. Triceps Press

Cybex Classic
15 Piece Gym Package #2

  1. Abdominal Crunch
  2. Arm Curl
  3. Chest Press
  4. Fly
  5. Glute
  6. Lateral Raise
  7. Leg Extension
  8. Leg Press
  9. Pullover
  10. Rotary Torso
  11. Row
  12. Seated Leg Curl
  13. Shoulder Press
  14. Standing Calf Raise
  15. Triceps Extension