Cybex VR1 Gym Package

Cybex VR1 Abdominal/ Back extension

Cybex VR1 Arm curl

Cybex VR1 Arm extension

Cybex VR1 Fly/ rear delt

Cybex VR1 Hip abduction/ adduction

Cybex VR1 Leg extension/ leg curl

Cybex VR1 Multi press chest/ shoulder

Cybex VR1 Prone leg curl

Cybex VR1 Standing calf

Cybex 2 tier dumbbell rack (x2)

Cybex 45 Degree back extension bench

Cybex Adjustable bench (x3)

Cybex Bent leg ab board

Cybex Leg press PL

Cybex Olympic bench press (x2)

Cybex Power cage

Cybex Seated calf bench PL

Cybex VR1 Gym Package

Cybex Hack squat PL

Cybex VR1 package list:

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This gym equipment package may not be broken up. Condition is new.

  1. Abdominal/ back extension
  2. Arm curl
  3. Arm extension
  4. Fly/ rear delt
  5. Hip abduction/ adduction
  6. Leg extension/ leg curl
  7. Multi press chest/ shoulder
  8. Prone leg curl
  9. Standing calf
  10. 2 tier dumbbell rack (x2)
  11. 45 degree back extension bench
  12. Adjustable bench (x3)
  13. Bent leg ab board
  14. Leg press PL
  15. Olympic bench press (x2)
  16. Power cage
  17. Seated calf bench PL
  18. Hack squat PL
  19. PWR Play (not pictured)

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