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Cybex VR3 Strength Circuit 1

Cybex VR3 and Precor Cardio Gym Package

We have assembled a 27 piece complete gym packaged centered around a Cybex VR3 strength line and Precor cardio equipment. All equipment is in as-is working condition unless otherwise stated. We can also remanufacture equipment and powder-coat strength machines to different colors upon request. These are all the fitness machines necessary to equip a fully functional commercial gym. This package is also fully customizable so you can exchange any machines you want and modify this package to fit your gym.

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Cybex VR3 Strength Circuit 1

  • Cybex VR3 Strength Circuit (16 Pieces) (Details)
  • Cybex VR3 Abdominal
  • Cybex VR3 Arm Curl
  • Cybex VR3 Arm Extension
  • Cybex VR3 Back Extension
  • Cybex VR3 Chest Press
  • Cybex VR3 Fly/Rear Delt
  • Cybex VR3 Glute
  • Cybex VR3 Hip Abduction
  • Cybex VR3 Hip Adduction
  • Cybex VR3 Leg Extension
  • Cybex VR3 Leg Press
  • Cybex VR3 Overhead Press
  • Cybex VR3 Pulldown
  • Cybex VR3 Seated Leg Curl
  • Cybex VR3 Torso Rotation


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Precor EFX 576i Elliptical

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