Cybex VR3 Selectorized Strength Line

We have just received a nine piece Cybex VR3 Selectorized Strength Line in great working condition. This is a commercial grade strength line that has come directly from a gym. The strength machines are only one year old and top of the line units. These machines are selectorized and use a pin selection system to adjust the weights. The Cybex VR3 series has been designed for comfort, safety and effectiveness. It must be purchased in its entirety.

If you are interested in this line and would like more info or pricing, please give us a call at (714) 957-2765 or send us an email to

Included pieces:

  • Cybex VR3 Glute Raise
  • Cybex VR3 Lat Pull Down
  • Cybex VR3 Seated Row
  • Cybex VR3 Shoulder Press
  • Cybex VR3 Tricep Extension
  • Cybex VR3 Bicep Curl
  • Cybex VR3 Chest Fly/Rear Delt
  • Cybex VR3 Hip Adduction
  • Cybex VR3 Hip Abduction

Cybex VR3 Strength Line 2


Cybex VR3 Strength Line 3

Cybex VR3 Strength Line 4

Cybex VR3 Strength Line 1

Cybex VR3 Strength Line 5

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