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Difference between commercial gym equipment and home gym equipment

A question that comes up often is why should customers buy commercial grade gym equipment over home gym equipment. To differentiate, home gym equipment is generally found in many of the big chain retail stores such as Walmart, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods among many others. Commercial grade gym equipment is usually a little more difficult to come by because it is primarily sold to gyms, clubs and other athletic institutions. Luckily, since most commercial gym equipment is on a two to three year lease, it is sold to buyback companies, like Primo Fitness, who then sells it to consumers like you. When browsing around for used gym equipment, it is important to know the differences in order to choose the best option for you.


1. Price

The first difference that consumers notice between units of the same model is the difference in price. If consumers are on an extremely tight budget but still want a gym machine for the home, a home unit would be recommended. A home gym unit is usually around half of the cost of a commercial grade gym machine and can easily be found at large retailers. In the case of gym equipment though, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true in terms of other factors.

2. Durability

The primarily reason for the difference in cost between home units and commercial grade units is durability. It is pretty logical once you think about it. Commercial units are generally found in gyms, which are open 24 hours a day, so they are designed for around the clock constant usage. These gym machines are made with much higher quality material and are built extremely durable. A typical commercial grade gym machine is built to withstand dozens of different runners per day for hours a day for years and years. If a consumer were to bring a commercial fitness machine home, they would be hard pressed to do any significant damage or have to ever replace it for tens of years.

3. Power Usage

Due to have to run 24 hours a day, most commercial gym machines have different electrical requirements than home units. Most commercial premium treadmills for example require a special dedicated outlet for usage. Be sure to ask your retailer about these requirements when considering a unit that was previously in a gym. Power usage is also an important factor to consider when thinking about the electricity bill.

4. Previous usage

Most home units come in the box completely brand new which people really enjoy compared to most commercial units that come used. Not all commercial grade units come from gym though if a consumer is worried about previous heavy usage. Here at Primo Fitness, for example, we buy machines that were used for only one or two hours at demonstrations at fitness expos and we sell it back to our consumers for thousands off full retail price. Consumers should also keep in mind that by going to the gym, they’re using used fitness equipment also, but here we wipe them own and thoroughly clean them.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to buy a new home gym machine or a used commercial grade gym machine, so be sure to do heavy research before going out and buying one. Make sure to give your retailer a call and ask questions in order to know which machine is right for you. You can always contact us if you have any other questions!

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