Difference between the StairMaster SM916 Stepmill and StairMaster 7000PT Stepmill

We’ve previously reviewed the other highly popular stepmill, the StairMaster 7000PT stepmill, so we thought it would be helpful to detail everything that’s going on with the newer StairMaster SM916 stepmill and see how they compare. While it has yet to usurp the stepmill throne from the 7000PT, the SM916 is fully equipped to take the title of best stepmill on the market sooner than later.


For general benefits of stepmills, please read our previous blog post. All of these great benefits apply to both stepmills. No matter which model you use, you will get a high quality stepmill that will provide you a great low impact cardio workout.

In terms of measurements both the 7000PT and the SM916 are nearly identical to one another. They are both 29 by 78 by 50 inches (W x H x D) and would require at least a 10 foot ceiling in order to safely use the machine. StairMaster again delivers their patented revolving staircase system to simulate real stair climbing. The 7000PT and the SM916 both have eight inch tall steps and are adjustable from 24 to 162 steps her minutes.

One of the primary differences is the number of programs that are built into each stepmill. While both have 20 resistance levels, the 7000PT only has 6 programs built in while the SM916 has a whopping ten. They also both have a backlit LCD display and the SM916 also has the option to attach a 15 inch television. The StairMaster SM916 stepmill also has Polar-compatible heart rate monitoring.

Aesthetically, the SM916 stepmill is more streamlined with softer edges and less blockiness. Although it provides the same fundamental workout as the 7000PT, there is a new improved quieter step design which improves the fluidity of the stepping motion. Cushions have also been added for the joints. The console is also newly improved and is much easier to read and the handrails have also been tweaked to be easier to grab.

While the SM916 is definitely an improvement over the 7000PT, you cannot go wrong with either one. We highly endorse both stepmills if you’re looking for a quality cardiovascular workout.


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