Differences between the Used Precor Elliptical Machines – 546 EXP, 556 EXP, 576 EXP and AMT 100i

Precor EFX 546i Experience Elliptical

Precor EFX 546i Experience Elliptical

Precor is one of the top names in the fitness industry, and especially in the used gym equipment world, so it is no surprise that their used elliptical trainers are highly desired. There are so many different models of elliptical cross trainers from Precor, so figuring out which one is right for you can be a difficult task. This article details the four major elliptical machines from Precor and their main differences, so you can figure out which one is best for you. After you’ve made your choice, you can stop by our warehouse filled with used gym equipment and try them out yourself! Primo Fitness has all of these elliptical machines, plus more, in stock right now.

Update: As of  November 2019, some of the Precor Ellipticals featured in this post are out of stock. Check out our broad selection of Used Ellipticals here.

Precor EFX 546i Experience Elliptical Crosstrainer (mainly lower body)

The Precor EFX 546i Experience Crosstrainer is a high quality elliptical for people who primarily want to work out their lower bodies. The fixed arms allow for increased intensity and focus on the lower body and the built-in heart rate monitor ensures that you are working out as hard as you need to. This elliptical also features the Experience console which allows users to easily change resistance to suit their fitness routine.

Precor EFX 556i Experience Elliptical Crosstrainer (arms, no ramp)

While they are both commercial grade effective cardio machines, the main difference between the 546i and the 556i is that the latter has the added benefit of upper body movement. The 556i has a fixed ramp model, which still allows for a pushing and pulling motion in addition to working out the lower body and the cardio benefit. The Precor EFX 556i Experience Crosstrainer also has a console that allows users to adjust their workout or try out one of the 10 preset programs included with the machine.

Precor EFX 576i Experience Elliptical Crosstrainer (ramps, arms)

Of the three Precor Experience Elliptical Crosstrainers detailed in this post, the EFX 576i offers the most customizability in terms of upper body movement. While the 556i has a fixed ramp arm, the 576i’s upper-body handle-bar’s ramp angle can be adjusted so you can put your hands in a variety of positions for the most comfortable upper and lower body workout. The 576i also features the signature Experience console with all the features that the other elliptical crosstrainers have, such as heart-rate monitor and how many calories you have burned.

Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Crosstrainer (everything adjustable)

The Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Crosstrainer is easily the most sought after elliptical machine on the market right now and for good reason. This machine offers an extremely high amount of versatility in regard to both the upper and lower body. Users of this machine can change their stride lengths, walk or run, do deep lunges and much more, all on the fly. The Precor AMT 100i does not require any manual adjustments, the machine automatically adapts to your body’s changes. It is a machine that must be tried out to truly understand. Similar to the other elliptical, the Precor AMT 100i also has a heart-rate monitor, different programs and resistance level adjustment.

Your choice of used Precor Elliptical machines would vary depending on the type of workout you want and your budget. If you are interested in any of these machines or have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-909-3366!


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