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Should you drink coffee before a workout?#

Should you drink coffee before a workout?#

A majority of people start off their day with their routine cup of joe or a workout, but could the combination of both actually be beneficial? Coffee, or more accurately, caffeine in general is perceived to give high amounts of energy initially followed by a crash. Contrary to this belief, there are actually benefits to drink coffee before a workout.


1. It skews your perception of exertion 

Caffeine increases energy and output which creates the perception that your workout is actually easier than normal. With this increased feeling of ease, you are much more likely to work out longer and harder than usual. The caffeine aids in increasing output and duration of a workout.

2. It improves circulation

Coffee or caffeine in general, if used in moderation, can increase circulation and blood flow. Quality circulation is absolutely vital in a workout because blood carries the oxygen to the muscles which are being pushed to their limits during strenuous exercise. With a more efficient flow of blood and oxygen, your workout effectiveness will drastically increase.

3. It can increase fat burning

An interesting fact about coffee is that if it is consumed before a workout, it can actually encourage the body to use fat cells as energy instead of glycogen during a workout. This is obviously a huge plus because almost everyone exercises with the goal of fat burning in mind. A short term effect is that it also temporarily increases metabolism which will burn more calories during your workout.

4. You feel less tired after exercise

In addition to increasing performance, the after effects are also drastically reduced if coffee is consumed prior to the workout. Researchers also noticed that athletes that took caffeine before their workouts also had much less potassium in the fluid between their muscles. Potassium is associated with the fatigued feelings of muscles after an intense workout.

5. It makes you sharper

In addition to the physical benefits, coffee can improve mental sharpness and cognitive functions. It improves alertness and fine motor skills in addition to improving mood. With sharper skills, you will drastically reduce the chance of injuries and increase effectiveness.

Even though caffeine can benefit a workout, like everything in life, moderation is key. A single cup of black coffee will be more than adequate in order to get results. Make sure your coffee isn’t filled with sugar and creamer because those may cause you to become jittery or experience a crash midway through your workout. So brew up a roast and go work out!

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