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Essential Fitness Equipment for a Small Home Gym

With thousands of calories ready to be consumed for the holidays and New Year’s resolutions looming around the corner, now is the perfect time to begin planning that home gym. The gyms will be packed around this time and you’ll be fighting for every single machine. You’ll most likely spend more time standing in line for gym machines than actually using them. We discuss the merits of having fitness equipment at home over going to the gym on our FAQ page. Starting a mini-gym in your home can be a daunting task. We know you might now have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on an entire circuit, so we’ll break down the essential pieces of equipment that you must have in order to get that total workout!


  1. Functional Trainer

The functional trainer is the be-all end-all in all-in-one strength machines. Although functional trainers are generally a little tall, they are wonderful space savers that are absolute musts for home gyms. A functional trainer generally consists of a weight stack (or two) and some cables and pulleys. Some of them also have a chin-up bar attached. They allow for a total body strength workout all in the convenience of using only one machine. Functional trainers not only save you space but also money since this is basically the only strength machine you need if you’re doing the basic fundamental exercises.

Alternatively, if you prefer working with free weights, then it’s best to get a barbell, some dumbbells, a power rack and an adjustable bench. That would be a great set-up for all your strength needs if you do not prefer a functional trainer.

  1. A cardio machine

If you are unsure of which cardio machine is right for you, we have a blog post about it! To sum it up though, all home gyms would feel empty without a great cardio machine. If you are really pressing for space, we highly recommend a spin bike like the Star Trac NXT or another similar indoor cycle like the Matrix Livestrong. Pedaling on a spin bike can be tons of fun and burns a great deal of calories if used in interval training. Alternatively, if you have a little bit more space, a great all-in-one cardio machine is the Precor AMT. The Precor AMT can be used as a standard elliptical, a stepper, or however else you want to use it. It is a very versatile machine.

Pairing a cardio machine with a functional trainer and you’ll have essentially everything you’ll need for a total body workout right in your own home. Of course you are free to expand your gym and get more equipment for more options. Luckily, we sell everything here at Primo Fitness.

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