Should You Exercise in the Rain?

In every sports movie there’s always the dramatic scene of the team practicing intensely with the rain pouring down on them while they’re doing push-ups in the mud. While it certainly does make for a great drama, you may be wondering if it is really beneficial or even safe to exercise in the rain. It is a common myth that being outside in the cold and rain will cause you to catch a cold or the flu. You have to be in contact with a virus in order get a cold or the flu. It has also been found that, surprisingly, working out in the rain can actually be beneficial, specifically in increase fat burning. We’ll get into further detail.

Working out in the rain hinders athletic performance but burns more calories

What this means is that you may not yield the same results, you may run a shorter distance and not as quickly, but you will be working harder. This is mostly due to the colder temperatures which causes a higher level of oxygen consumption, meaning that the body is burning more calories and at a higher rate. The rain is also keeping your body cooler which eliminates the impact of heat stress, which lowers your power output. On the mental side, working out in the rain and cooler temperature also reduces the perception of effort, making it seem like the workout is much easier.

How do I workout in the rain?

Working out in the rain is certainly better than training in dry heat, but it can also have some hazards. First, do not exercise in extremely heavy rains, a light drizzle or sprinkle is fine. If the roads are flooding, you should probably stay off of them.

It is also highly suggested that you purchase waterproof clothing, such as shorts and shirts that can wick off sweat. This will keep it from rubbing against your skin and causing abrasions. You should also get waterproof socks, because wet socks leave you prone to blisters, which is terrible. A hat or a visor is also recommended in order to keep the rain from your face. Wear bright clothing so drivers can see you from a distance and not splash or run you over.

These are just a few tips if you want to work out in dramatic fashion in the rain. If you’re not a fan of it, then we have another suggestion. You can buy fitness equipment from us and workout in any weather in the comfort of your home!

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