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What Fitness Equipment is Best for Losing Weight?

Most people enter the world of fitness and exercise with the intention of losing weight so it is probably very important to know which exercise machines melt away the calories. We do also strongly recommend adding in strength and weight training to your routine in order to accelerate your weight loss. The more muscle you have, the more effectively you’ll be able to move and burn calories. We’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best cardio machines for fat burning.

1. Treadmills

Due to their simplicity, treadmills are great calorie burners for users of every fitness level. Treadmills utilize the natural movement of walking and running so there is no learning curve involved in using this machine. Running is also extremely effective for losing weight, which is further amplified if you don’t use the sidebars and bear your entire body weight. You can always go for a more intense workout by increasing the incline or by upping the speed.

2. Elliptical Crosstrainers

Elliptical crosstrainers offer many of the same benefits as a treadmill, except that it is low impact which can be a lifesaver if your knees aren’t in their primes. Ellipticals that have movable arms are also wonderful for weight loss because it allows for a full body workout.

3. Stepmills

It is no secret that we love the stepmill and all its benefits. What makes this machine a monster in terms of weight loss is that it requires you to support your entire body weight. Each step forces you to go into an incline and the act is lifting each leg up to each step is quite strenuous, meaning it is great for burning fat. Another added benefit of a stepmill is that is a low impact cardio machine, so there is less strain and wear and tear on your knee.

4. Indoor Cycle

The indoor cycle is a great machine for short, high intensity workouts. Indoor cycling classes generally follow interval training, where the rider alternates between periods of very high intensity, followed with a brief slow down period. These alternating intensities are great for weight loss but it isn’t for everyone. Interval training can be far more intense than traditional training, so make sure you can handle it before you attempt to jump straight into it. You can also take spin classes, which can motivate you to work even harder being alongside people with similar goals.

5. Rowing Machine

 Using a rowing machine is sort of a mix between cardio and strength training, which is great. What makes working out with a rowing machine so effective is that it is a total body workout. You’re engaging your arms, core and legs

These are the most effective machines for burning calories, but at the end of the day, the machine that works best for you will melt away the fat.

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