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Fittest Countries in the World

Are you a fitness fanatic who’s caught the travel bug? If you want a dose of great sights and being in a fitness friendly environment, we have put together a list of the top five healthiest and most in-shape countries in the world. These countries made our list not only because of their active ways, but also because they live a healthy lifestyle in general by both eating right and working out.


  1. Japan

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world which directly correlates to their healthy lifestyles and habits. Japanese people tend to eat a more local diet, filled with healthy low calorie vegetables. Due to their island nature, they also eat more fresh fish as opposed to high fat foods and red meat. They also eat less dairy and consume more vegetables and eat smaller portions. Their love of green tea is also an added health benefit.

  1. Monacco

The primary reason that Monacco is so healthy is because of how wealthy most of the population is. They have many of the largest and most advanced gyms in the world. They also have the necessary financial means to eat healthy meals cooked by personal chefs.

  1. Iceland

Iceland has a pretty small but very healthy population. The small population size aids in keeping pollution low and the air fresh and highly breathable. Another reason is that they love using fitness equipment. Resident Icelanders are always in the gym because the weather is frigid and chilly most of the year so they pass the time by getting fit. This has caused Iceland to have one of the highest life expectancies in the world and why they make our list of fittest countries.

  1. Singapore

Singapore has strict regulations and rules that ensure that their environment and people are both healthy and clean. Singapore is rated as among one of the most hygienic nations in the world which leads to healthier lifestyles. The government also strongly promotes being clean and healthy through education and their laws.

  1. Netherlands

One of the primary reasons, if not the biggest reason, that the Netherlands is so healthy is due to their love of everything except a car. The Dutch frequently cycle and walk instead of using a motor vehicle. Nearly 40% of the population states that they either walk or cycle daily to their jobs. This not only keeps them in shape, but also reduces pollution in the air, creating cycle of healthiness.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but we have spotlighted some of the leaders in health around the world!

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