Who buys used gym equipment? We do! Here is the Primo Fitness Buyback Program

Is your gym closing, moving or refreshing? If you are selling or trading in your used gym equipment that we are looking for, we can give you a free quote!

The fitness industry is constantly changing, with new types of gyms opening up all the time. There are the high end fitness centers that are like resorts. They can have pools and water slides, basketball and racquetball and tennis courts, rock climbing walls, hair and nail salons, massage therapy, tanning beds and specialty classes. And there are others with low monthly fees such as the Planet Fitness gyms franchise. We buy all kinds of gym equipment, such as treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, recumbent and upright bikes, indoor cycles, stepper and stepmills, strength machines and more.

These are the steps to selling your used fitness equipment to us.

  • Send us a list of items, including the quantity, manufacturer’s name, model and type of exercise equipment.
  • Provide any pictures you have so we may confirm the machines and assess the condition of the gym equipment.
  • Logistic details need to be provided to determine our extraction costs. The information needed is the address, if the items are upstairs or downstairs, is there a freight elevator, how wide are the doors, are forklifts or loading docks available, etc.
  • The fitness equipment may be tested on-site or at our warehouse to be sure there are no missing or broken parts and if the machines are working.
  • We provide a quote to purchase the items.
  • If acceptable, we will create a PO and schedule a pick up date.
  • Payment details are needed as well so that the correct person or company receives the funds.

Contact us via phone or email to provide us with an inventory list. We may make a site visit to inspect your equipment. Also, we will be able to verify the model information and quantities available. You can email us pictures at [email protected] or call us at 714-957-2765.

Please note that we only buy commercial grade equipment. Unfortunately, we are unable to purchase individual machines outside of the Southern California area.


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