Best Gym Machines for Abs

Many people go the gym and workout with the sole dream of that flat stomach or those six-pack abs but aren’t sure of what machines or exercises can help them reach their goals. Besides aesthetics, strengthening your abs is great for your overall fitness. We have detailed what we believe to be the five best machines for working your abs.


1. Cardio Machines

As we’ve detailed in our previous blog post, spot burning fat is not a real thing, so essentially any cardio machine would be great in helping you flatten your stomach. In order to see those six pack abs or flat stomach, you need to lower your body fat percentage by burning calories. All cardio machines are great if you’re putting enough effort into them. We’ve explained the pros and cons of each cardio machine, but at the end of the day you should pick the machine that you enjoy the most. If you want the maximum calories burned per minute rate though, a treadmill is usually your best bet.

2. Row Machine

Have you ever noticed that rowers usually have extremely ripped and toned bodies? This is because the rowing motion is amazingly effective for working out a variety of muscle groups, including the abs. More specifically, in addition to the abs, a rowing machine works the arms, back and chest. To increase effectiveness of the ab workout, remember to consciously keep them engaged when rowing. The rowing machine also doubles as a great cardio workout so this is one of the must have machines if you want to work out your abs.

3. Ab Bench

Also occasionally called sit-up machines or just benches, the ab bench is a fundamentally sound piece of equipment where you can perform a variety of ab-targeted exercises on. Your best bet would be to purchase an adjustable bench which will allow you adjust the incline and decline of the bench. From this, you can perform sit-ups, leg raises, crunches, etc.

These are just a few of the effective and affordable options when looking for fitness equipment that will give you the abs that you desire. With enough hard work and dedication, anyone can get the body they dream of.


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