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Used Fitness Equipment InternationalAre you an international buyer or gym owner looking to get quality used gym equipment at discounted rates? Are you planning to open a gym and want commercial grade exercise equipment? We service both domestic and international clients and can ship anywhere in the world! We have shipped hundreds of containers to countries all across the globe. We have experts in logistics that can import fitness equipment to anywhere in the world. We have over 40 years of industry experience supplying used gym equipment to both domestic US and international clientele. Our team is fully trained and certified and we strive to provide you the best quality gym equipment at the best possible prices. Save over 70% off MSRP prices. Fitness equipment dealers are also welcome to contact us. International customers are also welcome to come visit our warehouse in person. We can help arrange the proper paperwork and logistics for a visit. We are located in Orange County, near Los Angeles. We have all the top brands in fitness including Precor, Life Fitness, Technogym, Star Trac, Hammer Strength, Keiser, Cybex, Matrix, StairMaster and many others.

What We Do:

  • Put together an equipment package including strength and cardio equipment
  • Help you get all the equipment you need when opening a gym
  • Create a quote with line by line item pricing
  • Remanufacture your equipment upon request. We can also powder coat (paint) it to your desired color.
  • Convert your cardio machines to the proper voltage (220v or other)
  • Calculate shipping costs and create a shipping quote
  • Help with document and forms so your product doesn’t get stuck in customs
  • Help arrange a trip and paperwork for you to visit our warehouse and see our equipment in person

If you are interested and would like more information (including dealer pricing and shipping costs), please feel free to call us at (714) 957-2765 or send us an email to We are also on Whatsapp and Skype.

We also sell to individual customers. Contact us even if you only need one item and we will do our best to assist. You can also use our contact form.

Wholesale Gym Packages (we also build custom packages) (contact us for pricing):
Free Weight Strength Package
Free Weight Strength Package (All New Equipment) (Smith Machine, Squat Rack, Benches, Dumbbells, Plates, More)
Hammer Strength MTS Gym Package
Hammer Strength MTS Complete Gym Package (17 pieces) (Hammer Strength 9 Piece Strength Line, 4 Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmills, 2 Life Fitness 95X Inspire Elliptical, 1 Life Fitness 95R Inspire Recumbent Bike, 1 Life Fitness 95C Inspire Upright Bike)
Precor Icarian and 885 Gym Package
Precor Icarian and 885 Cardio Gym Package (40 Pieces) (Precor Icarian 20 Piece Strength Line, 5 Precor 885 TRM Treadmills, 5 Precor 885 EFX Elliptical Crosstrainers, 5 Precor 885 RBK Recumbent Bikes, 5 Precor 885 UBK Upright Bikes)
Complete Gym Package 1
Complete Gym Package 1 (34 Pieces) (Cybex VR2 14 Piece Strength Line, 10 Precor 956i Treadmills, 5 Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Crosstrainers, 5 Precor 576i Elliptical Crosstrainers)
Precor 885 with P80 Console Cardio Package (all touchscreens) – Precor TRM 885 Treadmill, Precor AMT 885 Elliptical Crosstrainer, Precor EFX 885 Elliptical Crosstrainer, Precor UBK 885 Upright Bike, Precor RBK 885 Upright Bike (click the link for individual pricing)
Cybex VR3 and Precor Cardio Gym Package
Cybex VR3 and Precor Cardio Gym Package  (27 pieces) (Cybex VR3 16 Piece Strength Line, 2 Precor AMT 100i Elliptical, 2 576i Elliptical Crosstrainer, 3 Precor TRM 833 treadmill, 2 846i Exp Upright Bike, 2 846i Exp Recumbent Bike)
Technogym Selection Strength Line
Technogym Selection Complete Gym Package (20 pieces) (Technogym Selection 8 piece strength line, 4 Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmills, 4 Technogym Synchro ellipticals, 2 Technogym touchscreen upright bikes, 2 Technogym touchscreen recumbent bikes)
 FreeMotion Package
Complete Gym Package 2 (11 Pieces) (FreeMotion Epic 7 Piece Strength Line, 2 Precor 956i Treadmills, 2 Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bikes)
Technogym Element Plus Strength Line

Technogym Element Plus Complete Gym Package (17 pieces) (Technogym Element+ 7 piece strength line, 4 Life Fitness 95T Engage treadmills, 4 Technogym Synchro ellipticals, 2 Technogym touchscreen upright bikes, 2 Technogym touchscreen recumbent bikes)

 Life Fitness Pro2 Gym Package

Life Fitness Pro2 Gym Package (22 pieces) (Life Fitness Pro2 12 Piece Strength Line, 5 Cybex 550T Treadmills, 3 Cybex 750A Arc Trainers, 2 Cybex 750R Recumbent Bike) 
Technogym Complete Gym Package

Technogym Complete Gym Package (29 Pieces): (10 Piece Technogym Selection Line, 5 Technogym Synchro Elliptical, 3 Technogym 700 Excite Recumbent Bike, 3 Technogym 700 Excite Upright Bike, 2 Technogym 700 Excite Stepper, 2 Technogym Wave, 3 Technogym Run Treadmill, 1 Technogym Excite Treadmill)

Matrix Wholesale Cardio Package

Matrix Wholesale Cardio Package (13 Pieces, all touchscreen): (2 Matrix X7e Ascent Elliptical, 1 Matrix X7e Elliptical, 5 Matrix T7Xe Treadmill, 5 Matrix 7x Recumbent Bike)

Technogym Wholesale Cardio Package

Technogym Wholesale Cardio Package(Technogym Synchro 700 Elliptical Crosstrainers and Technogym Cardio Wave Machines)

Strength Lines 

Complete Strength Lines (Life Fitness Signature, Cybex VR2, Precor Icarian, Technogym Selection, Etc.)For some deals on individual units, view our Current Sale

View all the exercise equipment we currently have in stock on our Dealer Inventory page. It is updated bi-weekly.

You can also email your international fitness equipment request to  or call us at (714) 957-2765.

What Happens After I Buy Used Gym Equipment From You?

You’re a customer from the minute you look to buy from us and long after you’ve purchased from us as well. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best customer service possible to ensure that your experience with us is a delightful and enjoyable one. Here at Primo Fitness, we provide you various types of services available following your purchase.

  1. We will provide you replacement parts at wholesale prices (the prices that we get them for). This helps you keep maintenance and repair costs as low as possible. You get such a discount that you can even resell these parts in your local country for profit.
  2. Our service technicians are certified and will provide servicing advice, tips, and how-to’s if anything ever goes wrong with your machine, so you’re never alone.  We ship commercial grade fitness equipment all across the world. Our company has extensive experience with international gym equipment. We also sell fitness equipment wholesale by the container-load so dealers are also welcome to contact us. Our used gym equipment all come in guaranteed working condition. We can also service and Remanufacture our machines upon request. We carry all the top brands such as Life Fitness, Precor, Hammer Strength, Technogym, Cybex and much more. We can also powder coat your equipment to custom colors and provide you with discounts on parts. Our company can ship containers to your desired port. Our sales representatives can also speak Spanish.

Our sales and logistics team is fully prepared to meet your needs and will work with you to to provide you the packages that you need. We even provide bulk and discount pricing the more you buy. We have developed a long term reputation with many of our previous international buyers who have all been extremely pleased with the service and equipment that we have been able to provide.

As an international buyer, you get a level of customer service that is unparalleled by our competitors. We will provide you with discounted replacement parts at wholesale prices (what we pay for them) so that you keep your maintenance and repair costs low. And we will even provide you with servicing tips, how-to’s, and guides to help you fix your machine. Once you are our customer, we will make sure that we do everything we can to help you run a successful gym or business.

Email us at, call us at (714) 957-2765 or fill out the form above for more information.

You can call us on Skype or fill out the form above.

Used Fitness Equipment International

Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs today!