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For nearly four decades, Keiser has influenced the training of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide with better fitness products that unite both components of human performance: the force you produce, and the speed at which you produce it.

For over 40 years, Keiser has been changing the way people of diverse ages and abilities exercise, while helping to improve their performance and quality of life. However, this success story began over 45 years ago when Dennis Keiser was hired to design the first variable resistance machines for a leading manufacturer. A year later he launched “Commercial Design”, a consulting engineering company that specialized in exercise equipment design. In 1976 Dennis’ brother Randy joined him and a year later they formed Keiser Corporation. After a number of patents in both weight stack variable resistance design and hydraulic resistance design, Dennis applied for patent protection on a totally new concept for variable resistance using compressed air (pneumatics). In 1978 the brothers introduced to the world the first air powered variable resistance exercise machines for building strength and power.


Introduce precision to your strength training programs. Our machines are equipped with patented Keiser pneumatic technology to give everyone from first-time gym members to pro athletes a safer, easier, more efficient way to boost power output, improve core stability, and gain overall muscle performance.


Keiser Air250 Abdominal Machine

Few machines can duplicate the movement and effectiveness of the innovative AIR250 Abdominal. What sets it apart is its ability to create an intense abdominal workout without involving the hip flexors employed by other abdominal machines on the market. A fully adjustable seat and comfortable chest pads help establish the correct position for the exercise, ensuring that target muscles are activated.

Keiser Air250 Arm Curl Machine

To develop bicep muscles while protecting the wrists and elbows, the Keiser AIR250 Arm Curl is the ideal machine. For a better forearm workout, grips also allow for the hammer curl position. To provide additional comfort during exercise, the AIR250 Arm Curl offers extra padding in the high load areas and a fully adjustable seat.

Keiser Air250 Lat Pulldown

The revolutionary design of the Lat Pulldown eliminates the cable, thereby reducing the maintenance and, better yet, the chance of injury to the user. The Air250 Lat Pulldown is the first to use the mechanical linkage to provide the proper linear pull previously obtainable only with a cable system. The open handlebar design with range of motion adjustments accommodates various body sizes and flexibilities.

Keiser Air250 Leg Extension

Keiser’s Air250 Leg Extension machine was carefully designed to make entry into the machine easy. It will accommodate a wide spectrum of users from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 8″ (1.47 to 2.03 meters). Leg cushions and seat backs are fully adjustable, without getting off the machine. The seat back adjusts forward and back without changing its tilt, protecting the lower back during the exercise. The hand-grips house the thumb buttons for convenient control of resistance while exercising. An optional range limiter is available to adjust the starting position from 20″ to 120″ of knee flexion.

Keiser Air250 Leg Press Machine

The AIR250 Leg Press features a bilateral leg movement function. Its simple design and ease of adjustment makes this a perfect starter piece for facilities.

Keiser Air250 Lower Back Machine

The Keiser Air250 Lower Back is an essential and complimentary companion to the Air250 Abdominal machine. It works to strengthen the critical erector spinae muscles of the back, the site of most back problems. Keiser engineers have created a machine with easy access; keeping adjustment to a minimum. The seat belt comfortably secures the pelvis in the correct position.

Keiser Air250 Military Press Machine

The AIR250 Military Press features a seated position, giving the individual greater stability during this over-the-head exercise. The seat is fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users, and the seat back is designed to provide support for the lower back. The low starting resistance is ideal for deconditioned users and older adults.

Keiser Air250 Seated Chest Press Machine

The Air250 Seated Chest Press has been designed to closely model the movement of a standard free-weight bench press, by pivoting the exercise arms above the head. Resistance is adjusted at anytime during the workout with thumb buttons located on each handgrip. The seat is fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users.

Keiser Air250 Seated Leg Curl Machine

The Air250 Seated Leg Curl offers easy entry and exit in a seated position machine. Many people find a seated leg curl less intimidating. The seated position also protects the lower back by preventing the hamstrings from pulling the pelvis and straining the lower back. The leg cushions and seat back are easily adjusted to comfortably fit almost any user. An adjustable cushion holds the thighs in a comfortable and stable position for maximum results. Thumb buttons, which control resistance, are conveniently located on the thigh support.

Keiser Air250 Standing Hip Machine

The Air250 Standing Hip is the product of choice for athletes. It is essential for developing strength and power, allowing athletes to train at explosive speeds. The machine offers hip flexion, extension, adduction and abduction. The foot platform is split to provide the clearance needed to prevent possibly hyper-extending the knee if the foot strikes the plate during the leg swing. Its light weight makes the foot plate easy to position at the correct height for almost any user. Arched support bars feature dual resistance controls for forward or sideways positioning and provide more clearance for the knee.

Keiser Air250 Triceps

Offering superior isolation of the triceps muscles, the AIR250 Triceps accommodates a wide variety of users with its one-step seat adjustment. For added safety and stability under heavy loads, the machine also incorporates a seat belt. Once seated, thumb button resistance controls located on the hand grips allow users to adjust their workout while maintaining their position.

Keiser Air250 Upper Back

Keiser’s Air250 Upper Back is an effective and efficient exercise for the upper back and incorporates a two-grip hand configuration to allow individuals to do seated row exercises in strict form, but with some variety. This machine also features an adjustable chest cushion, which helps stabilize the exercise posture.


Keiser Air300 Belt Squat Machine

More than 800 Pounds of Resistance at the Push of a Button

This innovative lower body piece helps build dynamic hip explosion with no shoulder or spine loading. Resistance is adjusted by the push of a thumb button, enabling instructors and coaches to train more athletes in less time. Pivoting handles accommodate users of all heights including those seven feet or taller, and puts them in an ideal squatting position. The base of the Belt Squat is wider than the Keiser Air 300 Squat Machine, offering opportunities for diverse programming, and the ability to train at optimal speed with the chosen load. Accessories available to allow performance of different squat movements.

Keiser Air300 Hip Abductor Machine

Improved stability and lateral movement comes from well tuned abductors. Keiser’s Air300 Hip Abductor provides smooth, variable resistance throughout the entire range of motion while providing negative resistance for a complete routine. It also features the ability to work each leg individually and provides an adjustable seat back with neck and lumbar support.

Keiser Air300 Hip Adductor

Keiser’s Air300 Hip Adductor features a unique, infinitely adjustable starting position. The machine offers variable resistance at the touch of a button, which allows the individual to vary the effort required throughout the range of motion for best results, while providing safe and effective overload of the muscles.

Keiser Air300 Leg Curl Pro

Completely redesigned to weigh 40 pounds (18 kg) less than its predecessor, our Pro leg curl features lighter moving components that allow for training at even faster speeds – as well as slow eccentric loading of the hamstrings. Offering unilateral or bilateral leg training, a wide resistance range and improvements that include a computer display in line with the user’s sight, ergonomically positioned thumb buttons and a contoured chest pad for added comfort make it the leg curl of choice for athletes and people in rehab.

Keiser Air300 Leg Extension Machine

The Air300 Leg Extension with its unique unilateral movement is a perfect match for rehabilitation and sports specific applications. Keiser’s pneumatic technology allows users to train at unlimited speeds, making it ideal for power training. The additional benefit of the unilateral movement also helps correct strength imbalance.

Keiser Air300 Leg Press

The combination of unilateral/bilateral movement and pneumatic technology makes the AIR300 Leg Press a perfect fit for developing Power. The fully adjustable seated position protects the lower back, keeping it stabilized and offering a better pre-stretch on the gluteus muscles. Easy entry and a greater range of motion are achieved through a moveable stop which holds the foot plates during entry and exit.

Keiser Air300 Runner

The Air300 Runner is a unique and innovative product designed for the athletic performance market. It allows athletes to train the lower body for power by using the components of speed and resistance. Developed specifically for sports teams to improve acceleration and explosive power, this unit will improve the power and performance of any individual looking for a competitive edge.

Keiser Air300 Seated Calf Machine

Originally designed for world record holders Willie Banks, triple jump, and Mike Powell, long jump, the Keiser Seated Calf is a unique machine engineered to create explosive power from the lower leg. Its unilateral option and high-speed capability allow for greater results when doing sports specific training. The footpad articulates around the ankle for better range of motion while the machine automatically pre-loads and adjusts for leg length.

Keiser Air300 Squat

Combining a low impact workout with the ability to move safely at higher speeds, the AIR300 Squat enhances explosive Power. The machine features conveniently positioned thumb button resistance control located on the ends of the hand-grips, allowing the user to increase or decrease resistance without leaving the machine. The AIR300 squat works for all users through its self-adjusting comfort pads and a sturdy wide base. A range-limiting feature helps prevent ligament and joint injury to the knee.


Keiser Air350 Biaxial Chest Press

The creative engineering of the Air350 Biaxial Chest Press combines two chest movements into one exercise. As you press outward the hands also move inward, taking the chest muscles through a greater range of motion. This increased range of motion, along with the natural strength curve generated by the biaxial movement ensures maximum development of the important muscles of the chest and upper arms. The individual movement of the exercise arm prevents the stronger side from helping out the weaker side. Range of motion adjustments accommodate various body sizes and flexibility.

Keiser Air350 Biaxial Upper Back

The Air350 Biaxial Upper Back incorporates a unique design with unilateral/bilateral movement. Designed for superior isolation of the upper back, this machine features an adjustable chest cushion, which helps stabilize the exercise posture while concentrating on the ‘elbow out’ position, to ensure high upper back engagement through the full range of motion. The unique unilateral option promotes symmetry by assuring that the stronger side does not compensate for the weaker side.

Keiser Air300 Seated Butterfly Machine

Designed with comfort in mind, the handgrip and forearm cushioning make correct body alignment simple. A fully adjustable seat allows users up to five different ranges of motion to work both the upper and lower pectoral muscles for full chest development. The 350 Seated Butterfly is designed to minimize over-stretching that might occur with other ‘pec decks’ by providing a wide variety of adjustable starting arm pad positions. Independent arms allow users to exercise one arm at a time for variation.


Keiser Power Rack

The POWER Rack works by incorporating pneumatic strength columns, which can be attached to the bar, allowing Keiser’s patented air technology to be used solely, or in combination with, free weights. This allows for a wide spectrum of training, enhancing power and stability for the athlete. Athletes who have trained on the POWER Rack have seen overall strength gains, better speed, control and explosive power. The POWER Rack is a favorite unit for professional sports teams. Our POWER Rack without Air is also available in these same specs.

Keiser Half Rack Short

Keiser Half Rack

The Half Rack is a smaller version of the original POWER Rack. This unit incorporates the same exercises as the POWER Rack but has been designed for space-conscious applications.

Keiser Half Rack Short

Keiser Half Rack Short

The Half Rack Short is a smaller version of the original POWER Rack. Now even space conscious consumers can take advantages of the rack with the short base variant of the half rack. This unit incorporates the same exercises as the POWER Rack and Half Rack, but has been designed for space-conscious applications. Our Half Rack Short without Air model is also available in these same specs.

Keiser Rack and a Half

The Rack and a Half uses the same pneumatic strength columns as the POWER Rack, but was designed to accommodate multiple users. By adding additional pulley tracks to the rear of the unit, which can be attached to the bar, this allows two users to exercise simultaneously. Both stations can utilize air, free weight, or the two in combination. Our Rack and a Half without Air is also available in these same specs.


Keiser Support Equipment-FORCE Machine

The Keiser FORCE Machine is a simulated forcible entry-chopping device developed and manufactured by Keiser Corporation specifically for the fire service. It provides an efficient and durable means of training or testing individuals such as firefighters who use axes and sledgehammers in their occupation.  To use the FORCE Machine, an individual straddles the I-beam by standing on the footwalks, and strikes the I-beam using the specifically designed 9-lb. dead-blow sledgehammer. The I-beam is weighted to simulate a railroad tie commonly used in testing many firefighters today. The individual drives the I-beam with overhand swings the length of the track. The movement is biomechanically correct, accurately reflecting structural firefighting tasks. Polyethylene glides on the bottom of the I-beam provide a consistent running surface on the steel track so important in testing. It takes an average of twenty to twenty-five strikes to move the I-beam five feet, a level of effort consistent with many forcible entry situations.

Keiser Stretch Corner

Keiser’s Stretch Corner is capable of accommodating numerous stretches while occupying minimum floor space. With a footprint of only 24 sq ft/2.2 m, it not only fits almost any facility, but also takes up less space than four people would lying on the floor. You can actually regain valuable square footage. Backed by a 10-year structural warranty, the Stretch Corner is built to take years of hard use.


Our groundbreaking rear-wheel M Series indoor bikes are what made us famous. But the same science-proven Keiser quality is engineered into all cardio products — from the M3i with innovative new pedals to our new M5i Strider elliptical and M3i Total Body Trainer, all equipped with Bluetooth®.


Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

More than 20 years ago, Keiser set out to create an exercise bike that would exceed the demands of indoor group cycling: An indoor bike that fits riders of all body shapes and sizes; a bike that achieves a quiet — but true — road bike experience inside your gym or home; and the ONLY stationary bike built in the United States to ensure the tightest quality control. And we accomplished it all with the Simplest of Engineering Designs.

Keiser M5i Strider Elliptical Machine

With the success of the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle and the creation of new programming for elliptical trainers, demand soon developed for a unique piece of Keiser cardiovascular equipment. Our solution: the Keiser M5i Strider, an elliptical machine designed to offer an effective group training option, while still offering the same unique benefits that made the M3i a success. Because the M5i Strider is easy to use, small and portable, it is designed for group elliptical training, one of the newest and hottest trends in the industry today. Group elliptical classes are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and with our new M5i Striding program we make this fun and effective fitness movement available to all.

Keiser M3i Total Body Trainer

“The TBT is exactly what our cardio floor was missing.”

Designed with the same smooth magnetic resistance system as the M3i Indoor Cycle, the M3i Total Body Trainer is perfect for those seeking to obtain a concurrent, full body workout, work the upper or lower body independently, or perform single limb rehabilitative movements.

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

“With the M3, Keiser revolutionized indoor group cycling. And today, it continues to lead the way.”

Keiser’s pioneering M Series indoor group bike is engineered to match the needs of gym owners, riders and maintenance technicians alike. Offering an unrivaled premium-feel ride for variety of riders found in group cycling classes, the bike also features the durability and ease of maintenance needed to ensure longevity.

Keiser M7i Wheelchair Accessible Total Body Trainer

Because success starts with access, the Keiser M7i Wheelchair-Accessible Total Body Trainer is designed for easy use with any mobility device or a standard chair. This unsurpassed inclusivity and versatility makes it the ideal machine to meet the demands of specialized physiotherapy for ALL users, from cardiac rehab patients to older adults to individuals with disabilities.


What’s the key to Keiser’s success with groups like firefighters, NASA, professional athletes and the military?

It’s an approach built on functional training, which lets them train at the speed they perform their jobs in the real world. True functional training requires training at speed  – something you can ONLY do with our machines, as Keiser pneumatic resistance isn’t slowed down by gravity.


Keiser Infinity Series Functional Trainer

The Functional Trainer represents the core machine within the Infinity Series. As the name implies, it is a multi-functional machine for a complete body workout. It can be used for hundreds of different exercises, ranging from rehabilitation to sports-specific applications and is one of the most basic and versatile cable machines available. The ability to train at any speed and without any impact makes it the product of choice for many different applications. With its space-saving design, the unit is available with or without a base. (Units without base must be bolted directly and securely to the floor.)

Keiser Infinity Series Performance Trainer

The Performance Trainer is a single-column, high-low pulley system. It incorporates all the benefits of the Infinity Series. It is designed to be wall mounted or can be used as multiple units in our Infinity Series Six Pack configuration. Many gyms mount the Performance Trainer units on walls and configure them into individual stations within cable training zones.

Keiser Cable Machine Performance Trainer (Six Pack)

The Six Pack takes the Perfomance Trainer and transforms it into a multi-user training zone. Perfect for facilities requiring the ability to train groups, the Six Pack accommodates up to six users at once.

Keiser Triple Trainer

The Triple Trainer is essentially a Functional Trainer times three. It packs all of the benefits of the Functional Trainer into a space-saving, triangular-shaped column, which can accommodate up to three exercisers at one time. Today’s gyms are incorporating areas dedicated to cable and functional training protocols, where multiple machines are required to service the needs of customers. Like the Functional Trainer, the Triple Trainer performs an unlimited number of exercises, ensuring maximum versatility. Even exercises requiring a great deal of agility (as in sport specific training) can be done with ease. Comes in bolted and unbolted models.
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