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Life Fitness Integrity Treadmill Review


The Life Fitness Integrity treadmill is part of the new line of stylish and functional fitness equipment from the Life Fitness brand. One of the main differences is that these treadmills have a higher top speed and decline of the previous incarnation of Life Fitness treadmills.

Another strength of the Life Fitness Integrity Treadmill is its entertainment abilities. Many exercisers use music to keep themselves pumped and motivated  and this treadmill perfectly integrates that. It has built in iPod compatibility and integrated iPod/TV controls. The TV controls only work if you have an option television attached to the unit.

Also in the console are easy to read LED lights that make functionality very simple and data easy to read. Some of the data measured is speed, incline, heart rate, elapsed time, time in target heart rate zone, calories and much more. Built into the console are 28 different workouts. There are also workouts included that adjust incline level in order to keep users in their optimal target heart rate zone.

These are only some of the few amazing features in the Life Fitness Integrity Treadmill.

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