Life Fitness Signature 14-Piece Refurbished Gym Package $35,000

Signature Leg Extension

Signature Row/Rear Delt

Signature Seated Leg Curl

Signature Seated Leg Press

Signature Chest Press

Signature Torso Rotation

Signature Triceps Press

Signature Hip Abduction

Signature Hip Abduction

Signature Lat Pulldown

Signature Back Extension

Signature Shoulder Press

Signature Abdominal

Signature Biceps Curl

Life Fitness Signature Package List:

This 14 piece gym equipment package may not be broken up. All items are sold as is, working condition.

  1. Abdominal
  2. Back Extension
  3. Biceps Curl
  4. Chest Press
  5. Hip Abduction
  6. Hip Abduction
  7. Leg Extension
  8. Lat Pulldown
  9. Row/Rear Delt
  10. Seated leg Curl
  11. Seated leg Press
  12. Shoulder Press
  13. Torso Rotation
  14. Triceps Press
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