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Commercial Gym Equipment

Making the Most Out of Your Commercial Gym Equipment

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Your commercial gym equipment has been an investment. However, how good of an investment it comes depends on you. Maximizing the value of your gym equipment is the key to making it worth the money. Gym club owners can make sure to get the most of every piece of equipment in their fitness center with just a few simple steps. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Equipment 


Make Introductions

Take the time to introduce everyone to the new equipment. This includes both members and staff. Make sure that the staff knows the ins and outs of each product. If the equipment is being installed by a service technician from the company you purchased from, they should be able to answer all of your questions about the machine. 

Always make sure to ask what resources are available to you. Some companies may offer you free videos about the features and how to properly use the machine to extend its lifetime.

The more your staff knows about the equipment, the better they will be able to help members use them. This means providing value for your members with the information they can’t get at home. At the same time, this will offer your personal trainers to meet more members and get more clients.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your business is your clients. When you introduce your staff to new equipment, they will be able to help members get excited about new workouts. Your clientele will be sure to come back as often as possible. 

Make sure to tell your customers about new equipment, too. Getting the buzz out about a new treadmill means that your members will be eager to tell their friends. At the very least, make sure to post an advertisement inside of your gym so that members know there’s a new machine and that they should check it out. 

Safety is also an important aspect, especially when dealing with heavy exercise equipment. Your staff needs to know how to handle each piece of equipment and help members safely workout. 

Complete Checklists

Most commercial gym owners provide their employees with checklists or use them themselves. These lists consist of all of the tasks that must be completed before closing or before opening. 

Your checklist should always include the minor maintenance of the machines, such as wiping them down, vacuuming, checking to make sure they’re still in working order, and testing console buttons to make sure nothing is damaged. 

These tasks don’t take long, but they’ll help you get the most out of your investment, which means you’ll be saving money by avoiding unnecessary costly replacements or repairs. 

Regular Checks 

In your daily life, you take care of the things that matter the most to you. You take yourself into the doctor for a physical and your car in to get serviced yearly. The same should be done for your fitness equipment. 

Maintenance must be done to qualify for the warranties provided by manufacturers. But you should be doing maintenance not just to comply; they should be done so that you can continue to keep your equipment in working order every single day. 

Check the owner’s manual for your equipment or the manufacturer’s website to find out what type of maintenance must be done. When you take care of your equipment, your gym equipment will take care of you by allowing you to focus on the business aspect of being the owner of a gym, not the minutiae of dealing with broken-down machines. 

Know When to Repair vs. Replace

Commercial equipment is built to last but wear and tear from being used every day happens. These problems can be avoided with preventative maintenance, but there is typically an average lifetime for certain equipment. 

Knowing when to repair or replace an item is up to you. There are no specific guidelines to help you make the decision. However, if you find yourself fixing a machine more often than not, it’s probably time to get a new one that doesn’t cause you problems. 

With a new machine, you may end up saving money in the long run. Also, you won’t have to lose valuable members because of your constantly broken equipment. 

Always remember to keep an eye on your equipment. This will help you understand when something needs to be replaced and ensure the happiness of your members. If you do decide to do a replacement, keep your members in mind and try not to take away all of the cardio equipment at once. 

Replacing your equipment makes sense because you always have to consider the safety of your staff and members. If a piece of equipment has become dangerous, replace it. If a piece has broken, you may choose to repair it for now and see what happens down the road. 

Keep it Clean

While cleaning your equipment is part of preventative maintenance, it should also be part of your daily routine. Equipment with electrical components should never get wet, but with water bottles and sweat in the gym, it can be difficult to keep certain areas dry. 

Post rules in your gym telling members that they must wipe off each piece of equipment after using it. Also, make sure that your employees are going around, making sure that the equipment works properly and is clean for the next user. 

Your gym depends on your members. Making the most out of your equipment means providing them with workouts that keep them coming back for more. Choosing not to take care of the equipment is the same thing as not taking care of your members. It’s absolutely critical that you make sure every piece of equipment is effective, safe, and usable. 

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