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Fitness Area packages

Fitness Area packages for Hotels & Spas, Corporate Fitness Centers, Residential, Educational Fitness Centers, Public Sports Facilities.

Panatta has been creating, designing and producing fitness equipment longer than any other Italian company, the one and only to produce the machines completely Made in Italy. Panatta founded 5 decades ago by the passion of Rudy Panatta, the company bases its roots in the origin of the physical culture.

The success of the Panatta brand all over the world has been possible because of the total control of the development cycle and the production process of each single machine, whose production phases are all carried out inside the company headquarters in Italy. The company expands over 20,000 m2 of complete indoor property plants, located in the heart of the Marche region.

Panatta Sport has grown into a worldwide fitness company. The unique designs are customized to maximize the workout of each machine. There are currently 4 strength equipment product lines, Freeweight HP, Monolith, Fit Evo and SEC. Additionally, there are 5 cardio equipment lines. Get your Panatta gym equipment from Primo Fitness today!

Panatta General Catalogue 2019

Gym Packages for Fitness Areas 40m2/ 430.56ft2


Gym Packages for Fitness Areas 80m2/ 861.11ft2


Gym Packages for Fitness Areas 120m2/1291.67ft2
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