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Panatta is the longest-lived Italian company in the fitness industry, the one and only to produce totally the machines Made in Italy. Panatta was founded 5 decades ago by the passion of Rudy Panatta, the company bases its roots in the origin of the physical culture.

The success of the Panatta brand in the world has been possible thanks to the total control of the development cycle and the production process of each single machine, whose production phases are all carried out inside the company. The company expands over 20,000 m2 of complete indoor property plants, located in the heart of the Marche region.

Panatta Sport has grown into a worldwide fitness company. The unique designs are customized to maximize the workout of each machine. There are currently 5 strength equipment product lines, Freeweight HP, Monolith, Fit Evo, SEC and XP Lux. Additionally, there are 5 cardio equipment lines. Get your Panatta gym equipment from Primo Fitness today!

Panatta General Catalogue 2018

Freeweight HP Plate Loaded Line

Freeweight HP was created to develop strength, power and speed, so much so that internationally renowned athletes choose it for their daily training. Isotonic equipment Freeweight High Performance is unequalled on the market and represents the best joint biomechanics to train at maximum levels in safety and with comfort.

Its main biomechanical pluses are: physiological planes of motion; balanced and constant tension along the full range of motion; correct positioning of the joint centres; preload levers for a physiological stree-free joints; counterweights to make lifted kg real; gas assisted seat/backrest adjustment.

Monolith Line

Monolith perfectly embodies Panatta DNA: constant research of excellent biomechanics, 100% Made in Italy, unique design and extreme care to details. An isotonic line that is the top of the range and that combines luxury and elegance in a never ending style.

Perfect machines in their functioning and ergonomics thanks to many years of experience and in full respect of Panatta philosophy. Biomechanics derived from the experience got in the development of the Free Weight line, which responds to the strict training standards of the athletes and professionals of the sector ensuring maximum performance results in total safety.

Fit Evo Line

FitEvo represents an evolution for isotonic training: preload levers for a physiological stress-free joints, circular convergent movements for fluid and natural movement. A modern design with high quality materials for 53 machines and 27 benches.

SEC Line

SEC expresses strength from the first glance, interpreting the strength of movement through a clean design and sturdy machines. SEC: Panatta biomechanics with an unbeatable quality/price relation. A complete range of 32 machines and 10 benches.

Corporate Headquarters, Apiro, Italy

Rudy Panatta – Freeweight Products

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