Panatta Monolith Fitness Equipment

Monolith perfectly embodies Panatta DNA: constant research of excellent biomechanics, 100% Made in Italy, unique design and extreme care to details. An isotonic line that is the top of the range and that combines luxury and elegance in a never ending style. Panatta gym equipment are top of the line and are great additions to your gym business!

  • THE ART OF MADE IN ITALY: Monolith is the higher expression of the typical Made in Italy design. Morphological linearity and continuity are the elements that resort in each model. The band is the aesthetical trend that shapes the forms and defines new ways to set up space. Patented design.
  • ECOSUSTAINABILITY: The materials respect the environment and are mostly recyclable in all its components. Paddings are exclusively in eco-leather without phthalates, frames in metal alloys and plastic.
  • SPACE SAVING: Monolith is innovation of the space. A compact and space saving line conceived to be space-optimizing and to have the maximum number of work stations. The innovative design of the machines allows three different layouts: single station, back to back and 4 stations.
  • BIOMECHANICAL UNIQUENESS: Perfect machines in their functioning and ergonomics thanks to many years of experience and in full respect of Panatta philosophy. Biomechanics derived from the experience got in the development of the Free Weight line, which responds to the strict training standards of the athletes and professionals of the sector ensuring maximum performance results in total safety.
  • ADJUSTMENT OF ROTATION CENTERS: They perfectly adhere to the body structure while performing particularly complex movements, keeping the effort focused on the target muscles.
  • PHYSIOLOGICAL WORK PLANS: The trajectory of the machines is biomechanically correct. Thus the work is perfect on the target muscles.
  • BALANCED STRESS ON THE ENTIRE ARCH OF MOVEMENT: The work loads are distributed according to the movement trajectory with a balanced stress on the entire arch of movement, in order to structurally follow the force curves of target muscles.
  • CAMS AND JOINT CENTERS: The use of CAM (Continuous Adaption Movement) that have been specifically investigated for each single machine allows to have a structural adaptation of the load, that matches exactly the force curve of the target muscle.
  • PRE-LOAD LEVER: There is a pre-load lever in order to allow all the kind of users to begin and finish the exercise without joint stress.
  • PROGRESSIVE LOAD INCREASE SYSTEM: Progressive load selection system with increases of 2,5 kg, Panatta exclusive patent.
  • ERGONOMIC AND MULTIPURPOSE GRIPS: The machines are equipped with ergonomic grips of variable diameter depending on whether it is push or pull. Many grips are multipurpose to allow different target muscles activation and to allow any kind of users to perform correctly the exercise.
  • GAS ASSISTED ADJUSTMENTS: The gas assisted backrest and seat adjustments make possible the correct positioning without getting off the machine. New mechanisms with a pantograph movement for the maximum fluidity and precision. Unique biomechanical features for high-performance workouts.
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