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Precor AMT 835 with Open Stride Review

The Precor AMT machines are one of the most popular machines at the gym and for good reason too. If you’re not sure what they are, it is a little hard to describe them. They’re an all-in-one cardio machine that is mostly closely related to the elliptical family. Also for those wondering, the Precor AMT 100i and the Precor AMT 835 are essentially the same machine, with the exception of the P30 console on the Precor AMT 835.

The key feature that sets the 835 apart from other ellipticals is the ability to adapt to motions on the fly. Users can easily adjust stride length, from walking to running to deep lunges without having to manually control settings. Stride length can be changed from 0 to 27 inches to target different muscle groups and create a unique workout every time.

Included in the machine are four built in programs and 20 resistance levels to increase or decrease difficulty. No matter which resistance level you choose, the Precor AMT 835 is known for how smooth the strides are, which allows for a more enjoyable workout.

Another added benefit is that the AMT provides a full body workout because the upper arms are movable. The pushing and pulling motion of the arm allows for a full body engagement.

It’s also worth noting that the Precor AMT 835 is a low impact machine which is great for people who have recently suffered injuries and are trying to ease back into shape. It’s ability to change strides on the fly helps to create a pain free workout and allows you to put less stress on injured body parts.

If you are interested in this machine, you’re in luck. We here at Primo Fitness just received a few units, but they’re going quickly. Contact us for more information!

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