ACCUNIQ BC380 Body Composition Analyzer


ACCUNIQ BC380:  With the development of our basic technology that more accurately measures your bodies data our impedance body fat analyzer can truly analyze body composition. This machine is perfect for gyms, physical therapy offices, weight loss clinics, functional health and wellness centers.



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Model      ACCUNIQ BC380
Measurement Method      Tetra-polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes
Frequency Range       5, 50, 250 kHz
Measurement Area      Whole body and Segmental measurement (arms, legs, and trunk)
Result Sheet Data     Body Composition Analysis (Weight, Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Protein, Minerals, Total Body Water), Skeletal Muscle / Fat       Analysis (Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass), Obesity Analysis (Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage, Degree of Obesity, Abdominal Circumference), Abdominal Obesity Analysis (Waist Hip Ratio, Visceral Fat Level, Visceral Fat Area, Visceral Fat Mass), Cumulative Body Change Graph (Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Percentage), Overall Evaluation (Body Type, Body Age, Basal Metabolic Rate, Calories Needed per Day, Body Cell Mass, Total Score), Body Balance Assessment (Left and Right of the Upper Body, Left and Right of the Lower Body), Weight Control Targets (Recommended Weight, Weight Control Value, Muscle Control Value, Fat Control Value), Extracellular Water Ratio, Body Fat Mass / Muscle Mass by Body Parts (Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Torso), Impedance (By Body Parts and By Frequencies), Blood Pressure (When Interlocked with the Hematomanometer), QR Code[Result for Child and Youth (optional)]Body Composition Analysis (Weight, Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Protein Mass, Mineral Mass, Total Body Water), Skeletal Muscle / Fat Analysis (Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass), Obesity Analysis (Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage, Waist Hip Ratio), Child Growth Curve (Height, Weight), Nutritional Assessment (Protein, Mineral, Fat) , Overall Evaluation (Body Type, Basal Metabolic Rate, Calories Needed per Day, Body Cell Mass, Degree of Obesity), Body Balance Assessment (Left and Right of the Upper Body, Left and Right of the Lower Body), Weight Control Targets (Recommended Weight, Weight Control Value, Muscle Control Value, Fat Control Value), Body Fat Mass / Muscle Mass by Body Parts (Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Torso) Impedance (By Body Parts and By Frequencies), QR Code

Touch Panel & UITouch panel and intuitive UI

accuniq-img The 7-inch wide color touchscreen and convenient keypad combined with on-screen instructions makes the BC380 easy for anyone to operate.

Electrode Handle

accuniq-img The measurement starts automatically without the need to push a button separately when you grab the electrode handle that gives you a sense of improved grip.

Foot Electrode

Convenient foothold electrode

accuniq-img large 18″x18″ platform and low profile allows for easy access, comfort and stability.

Result Sheet

  • Various items / Center of user convenience

    accuniq-img Results are printed in easy to understand format with measurement comparison to the healthy range, making analysis fast and concise.

Optional Equipment    Ultrasonic anthropometer, fully automatic hematomanometer, ankle electrodes, result sheet for Infants, USB memory, thermal printer, and Bluetooth
Printing Logo    Printing the hospital name, address, contact information, and logo available
Touch Screen    Touch screen’s sensor location adjustable
Data Storage    Up to 100,000 data units can be stored when using an ID
Measurement Mode    Scale mode / Body composition mode
Various Result Sheets   Body composition result sheet, Result sheet for Infants (Optional)
Checking Measurement Results   LCD, Internet, ACCUNIQ app, and body composition management program (ACCUNIQ MANAGER)
Measurement Current  Approx. 180 μA ± 15
Power Consumption  60VA
Power Supply Voltage  Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.4-0.7A, Output: DC 12V, 5.0A, 60W MAX.
Display  7-inch Wide Color LCD
Input Device  Touchpad, Keypad
Transmission Device  5 USB ports, 2 RS-232C ports, Wi-Fi (basic), Bluetooth (optional)
Printing Device  USB port (printer designated by the manufacturer), thermal printer (optional)
Dimensions  Main Unit 641×436×1029 mm(W×D×H±10 mm) Main Unit+Height Meter 436×795×2327 mm(W×D×H±10 mm)
Weight  Approx. 18 kg (main unit)
Measurement Range 100 ~ 950Ω
Measurement Time  Approx. 30 sec.
Applicable Height  50 ~ 220 cm
Measurement Height  100 ~ 210 cm
Measurement Weight  10 ~ 250 kg
Applicable Age  1~99 years
Operating Environment  Temperature 5~40 ℃, relative humidity 15~93 % (non condensing)
Storage Environment  Temperature -25~70℃, relative humidity less than 93% (non condensing)
USB Storage  You can save or retrieve all measurement data.
QR Code  Scan the QR code on the LCD or result sheet, transmit it to the management website, and check the results.
Remote Support  Remote technical support with PC (ACCUNIQ REMOTE SUPPORT)

This product is a ‘medical device’, please read the ‘Precautions for use’ and ‘How to use’ carefully. See  Manual.

The BC 380 uses advanced bio impedance technology to measure body composition including body fat, lean tissue and body water and more than 25 other measurements.

This unit boasts:

  • Pinpoint accuracy compared to DEXA (2%)
  • More data than any other unit under $10,000
  • Full Segmental Analysis
  • 8-point electrode system
  • Bluetooth and wireless standard
  • See the SPEC SHEET for all of the advantages of the BC380

Our Accuracy Comes From:

  • Three frequencies
  • 8-point electrode
  • The most sophisticated, advanced algorithms on the market

Why Buy Accuniq?

  • Transparent pricing
  • Free software and iOS app
  • Seasoned industry experts assist with training, implementation and support


What is the ACCUNIQ BC380?

The ACCUNIQ BC380 is a body composition measurement system designed to give detailed, accurate results regarding body composition that you can’t get from a scale or measuring tape. Hospitals and gyms both use this system to be able to understand the health needs of individuals. 

Gyms in particular can benefit from the ACCUNIQ BC380 so that they can more effectively prescribe workout regimens to their clients to provide better results. The more visible the results you offer your clients, the more likely they are to return. 

The body composition machine uses low-level frequencies to assess body composition via an LCD screen and printouts. With client tracking software, it helps gym members easily track their progress and fine-tune their workouts for the best results. 


Why is the ACCUNIQ BC380 Good for Gyms?

The body composition monitor goes beyond being a simple body fat analyzer. It provides users with precise information to help them create more individualized workout regimens to meet their fitness goals. 

The ACCUNIQ BC 380 has four features that make it ideal for gym environments and their clientele:

ACCUNIQ Body Analyzer App

With the app, users can manage their own body composition data and compare their results. With a scannable QR Code, they can easily view results from month to month to track their progress. 


An easy-to-understand data management software stores client results and manages their data in a simple format. The presentation is simple enough that it doesn’t require a doctor to understand the results, making it ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about their own body. 

Blood Pressure Monitor

With an automatic blood pressure monitor, users can get fast and accurate results to learn about their blood pressure and track changes from month to month. This is particularly helpful to users who need to monitor changes in cardiovascular health.

Printed Results Sheet

One of the most important aspects of the body composition analyzer, the results sheet helps users understand their measurements. This page compares users’ results to that of a healthy range so that analysis can be easy and changes can be implemented accordingly. 


What Does the Body Fat Analyzer Measure?

With a printed results sheet, your gym members will get a graphical analysis that can be used by their trainers and themselves to maintain healthy body composition and greatly improve their overall health and wellness. 

Once users input their age, height, and gender, the body analyzer will compare the results with a medically-based range to indicate whether the measurements are optimal, under normal, or high

There are a few different pieces of information users will receive after using the system. Here is a list of just a few of the analytics users can expect to see.  

Body Weight

The total body weight will measure an individual’s body mass, which is a combination of your body water, protein, minerals, and fat. 

Lean Body Mass

The lean body mass consists of:

  1. Muscle
  2. Protein
  3. Minerals


A higher lean body mass will help individuals improve their metabolism, which means burning more calories. 

Muscle Mass

Muscle mass will be an important statistic for all users. Skeletal muscle mass refers to the muscles that are used for cardio. Simply put, the higher the skeletal mass, the more heat an individual produces, which burns more calories. 

When you burn more calories, you’ll have a higher basal metabolic rate or BMR. Increased skeletal muscle mass can lead to a higher metabolism, making this analysis crucial for those looking to lose weight. 


Protein refers to the nitrogen cells within a body. Protein is necessary for the body to repair tissue and cells, especially after a punishing workout. More importantly, it is also key in the development of skeletal muscle mass. 


The bone mineral estimate will tell a user whether or not they have optimal bone mineral content. It will also uncover if an individual has a low bone mineral estimate, which is especially important for individuals as they age. 


With these results, a professional can put together a weight resistance training program, and a nutritional program consisting of protein to help low bone mineral estimates start to climb again. 

Total Body Water

All of the water inside your body is measured by the body composition machine. Healthy levels should be around 45-65% of the total body weight. This measurement will help users ensure adequate fluid intake throughout the day, which can greatly improve how they feel from the moment they wake up. 

New Approximate Calorie Intake

This section of the report will give users an estimate calorie amount required to reach their goals and help them lose, maintain, or gain weight. 

Bio Age

The bio age gives users their aged based on their health. It will take all of the features of the body composition monitor and account it into a report that will tell users if their body is older or younger than their chronological age. 

Fitness Score

Finally, the fitness score is the last number individuals will see in the report. It’s the total of all of the results out of 100. The goal of this report is to help users see a visual idea of where their health is and how it improves over time. 

Why Does Body Composition Matter?

Body composition gives your gym members an idea about their health. While they may have reports from their doctors or their own ideas about how healthy they are, having their body composition analyzed will help them get more effective results out of their workout, no matter what their goal is. 

Everyone has heard about Body Mass Index (BMI), a measurement that tells you if your weight is proportionate to your height. However, as more studies continue to prove, this method for getting a look into our overall health is outdated.

Assessing health by simply comparing someone’s weight to their height ignores the minutiae of factors that affect weight, and you’re unable to identify whether weight changes are happening in the fat or muscles. On the surface, any weight loss seems great, but you want this change to be happening from fat loss, not muscle loss. 

For instance, you could be at the ideal weight for your height, but the truth is that you dropped muscle weight after a period of malnutrition. Despite being at the ideal BMI range, you could be easily fatigued during workouts because your muscles are weak. This shows that you can’t effectively predict health with BMI.

In contrast, knowing your body composition tells you whether you reach the correct numbers for protein, bone minerals, fat, and water. With key insights from the ACCUNIQ BC380, you can better guide clients through workouts specifically designed to reduce fat, increase protein and muscle mass, strengthen bones, rehydrate, and more.

Does Your Gym Need ACCUNIC BC380?

The total body scan provided by this body fat analyzer allows your members to understand their own bodies to let them know what areas of their health they can change for the better. 

Working closely with trainers, they can create workouts catered to their needs that focus on changing their body composition and improving their overall health. The focus of workouts can shift to real health, rather than just trying to drop pounds. Members can then compare their results from month to month to ensure that their workouts are having a positive influence. 

When your gym members are able to view quantifiable, health-centered results – and not just looking slim in the mirror – they’ll know just how much their gym cares about helping them achieve true physical as well as mental fitness.

Make sure your members set out with determination and the correct mindset when it comes to their health with the ACCUNIQ BC380. 


Why Should Your Gym Invest In Body Composition Analysis?

Transparent Pricing

When you get your gym products from Primo Fitness, you can expect transparent pricing. We’re here to help your gym thrive no matter your budget. Like you, we’re in the health and wellness game and want to be able to help people achieve their goals and go beyond. 

Free Software

With free software and an iOS app, your members can easily track their progress from month to month. Seeing the changes in their results will keep them motivated to come back to your gym and continue to improve their health.

We’re Experts

Working with Primo Fitness means working with experts. We don’t just sell fitness equipment; we are experts in the fitness industry and can help you find the right products to make sure your gym a success. 

We provide unmatched support to all of our customers, helping them achieve their own targets while helping their members reach their fitness goals. 

Give Your Members the Motivation They Need to Reach Their Fitness Goals and Improve Their Health!

Additional information


Get a $500 Software Free + 24 Months of Service with the purchase of ACCUNIQ B380

Individual Product Manuals are being added daily to our Fitness Equipment Manuals page.

If you need one and don’t see it there send a request to [email protected]

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Assembly Required: Hand tools and the ability to follow printed instructions is all that is required here.

Boxed: Only partially dis-assembled to keep the shipping cost down.

Fully Assembled & Crated: Ready to use condition once the crate has been removed.


New equipment is just like it sounds: brand new equipment shipped to you.


Demo is equipment is just that: equipment with the very lightest usage as a demonstrator model.


Below is our general refurbishing and remanufacturing process for our commercial-grade fitness equipment:

  1. All Overlays Replaced
  2. All Electronic Sensors Replaced
  3. All Wearable Moving Parts Replaced Regardless of Condition
  4. New Running Belt & Motor Drive Belt On Treadmills
  5. Belts Replaced
  6. Decks Replaced
  7. Frames Repainted
  8. Roller Bearings Replaced
  9. Bushings Replaced
  10. Motors Rebuilt
  11. All Grips Replaced
  12. Decals Replaced
  13. Shrouds Replaced if Cracked
  14. All Electronic and Machine Functions tested twice before shipping

Primo Fitness has been refurbishing and remanufacturing used fitness gym equipment for over 20 years. We only used the highest quality replacement parts and our refurbished or remanufactured machines are like new again when they leave our shop. Here is a video about what everyone should know before purchasing refurbished or remanufactured fitness equipment.

Serviced and Cleaned (for indoor bikes only)

  1. We open the machine and break it down
  2. We then search for worn or broken parts
  3. The parts are then replaced
  4. Cosmetic touch up is done
  5. All functions are tested twice

Serviced & Cleaned is great for light commercial or home gyms, with 2 to 3 hrs. of use per day.

We offer a 30 Day Parts warranty on Serviced & Cleaned, after that, if a part does need to be replaced, they are very inexpensive and easy to replace. We are available for phone consultation if you have any questions.

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