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This is our Precor Gym Package and it includes everything you need for strength training. All of these items are IN STOCK and ready to be shipped to the buyer. All the cardio and strength equipment are in As Is condition unless you choose to upgrade to Cleaned and Serviced or Remanufactured condition. An upgrade to the upholstery of your choice is also available. Call for more information – (714) 957-2765.

28 Pieces of Precor Cardio and C-Line Strength Circuit:

(15) 885 (P80) Treadmill

(10) EFX 883 Elliptical

(3) 885 (P80) Recumbent Bike

C-Line Seated Row

C-Line Abdominal

C-Line Chest Press

C-Line Calf Extension

C-Line Lat Pulldown

C-Line Shoulder Press

C-Line Tricep Extension

C-Line Back Extension

C-Line Outer Thigh

C-Line Prone Leg Curl

C-Line Bicep Curl

C-Line Seated Leg Curl

C-Line Leg Extension

C-Line Seated Dip

C-Line Inner Thigh

C-Line Seated Leg Press

C-Line Chin-Up Assist

C-Line Rear Delt/Pec Fly

Download the Precor Gym Package offer as .pdf


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New equipment is just like it sounds: brand new equipment shipped to you.


Demo is equipment is just that: equipment with the very lightest usage as a demonstrator model.


Below is our general refurbishing and remanufacturing process for our commercial-grade fitness equipment:

  1. All Overlays Replaced
  2. All Electronic Sensors Replaced
  3. All Wearable Moving Parts Replaced Regardless of Condition
  4. New Running Belt & Motor Drive Belt On Treadmills
  5. Belts Replaced
  6. Decks Replaced
  7. Frames Repainted
  8. Roller Bearings Replaced
  9. Bushings Replaced
  10. Motors Rebuilt
  11. All Grips Replaced
  12. Decals Replaced
  13. Shrouds Replaced if Cracked
  14. All Electronic and Machine Functions tested twice before shipping

Primo Fitness has been refurbishing and remanufacturing used fitness gym equipment for over 20 years. We only used the highest quality replacement parts and our refurbished or remanufactured machines are like new again when they leave our shop. Here is a video about what everyone should know before purchasing refurbished or remanufactured fitness equipment.

Serviced and Cleaned (for indoor bikes only)

  1. We open the machine and break it down
  2. We then search for worn or broken parts
  3. The parts are then replaced
  4. Cosmetic touch up is done
  5. All functions are tested twice

Serviced & Cleaned is great for light commercial or home gyms, with 2 to 3 hrs. of use per day.

We offer a 30 Day Parts warranty on Serviced & Cleaned, after that, if a part does need to be replaced, they are very inexpensive and easy to replace. We are available for phone consultation if you have any questions.

Individual Product Manuals are being added daily to our Fitness Equipment Manuals page.

If you need one and don’t see it there send a request to

*All deliveries are done to curbside only. We do not/cannot bring items inside a home or business.

Assembly Required: Hand tools and the ability to follow printed instructions is all that is required here.

Boxed: Only partially dis-assembled to keep the shipping cost down.

Fully Assembled & Crated: Ready to use condition once the crate has been removed.