Southern California Rehab/Physical Therapy Exercise Equipment

Fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Centers

Do you own or manage a rehabilitation or physical therapy center and need to buy proper exercise equipment for your patients? Many different medical professionals use specialized equipment that is not commonly found in commercial gyms. One example is chiropractors that want to expand their services to their patients.

Our staff knows which treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes would be great in this type of facility. For example, an upper body ergometer is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness for a person who cannot fully use their lower body. Many of these are adaptable or can accommodate for wheelchairs. SCIFIT has many upper and lower body options available. We also have bikes that you can step through for easier riding and treadmills with lower minimum speeds.

Once you tell us what type of patients you generally have and what type of equipment you’ll need, we can help guide you on creating a gym equipment package to suit your needs. Facility managers are also invited to stop by our warehouse to try out all our different exercise equipment and view them in person. If you are in the need of financing, we can recommend a leasing company that can help you different payment options.

FREE set up & delivery to Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties for new products made by Life Fitness and SCIFIT.

Examples of equipment that is great for a rehabilitation center:

Matrix KrankCycle 

Matrix Krankcycle Upper Body

SciFit Pro 1 Upper Body Exerciser (Ergometer)

SciFit Pro 1 Upper Body Exerciser

Star Trac E Series Recumbent Bike

Star Trac ERB

Click here for a list of gym packages. This list is not comprehensive, we will build a custom package to fit your needs upon request.
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